Quick question about prototype

I wanna pledge, but how high would one have to go to get into the prototype now,

I believe the earliest you can get is the pre-alpha build, which is going to be ~2 months from now. The cheapest that is offered at is $250. I don’t believe you can get it any sooner than that at the higher tiers.

Also note that you also get a ‘procedural planet bobblehead’ at the $250 level or higher, for use in your ship. This is the real reason why I pledged at that level :3

look at the pledges for beta and alpha access :smile:
the most close date is January 2016 (in 2 months from now or so)
Value: $250

i have seen some videos on it lately and people talking about it, is that just the beta and the alpha access?

That is the prototype, the developers handed it out to media and streamers.

I think the idea is post-kickstarter, the devs (after they spend half of the money on hookers and blackjack) want to tidy it up a bit before handing it out to their higher tier backers. How they ‘tidy it up’ I suspect would depend on how much they get from the kickstarter.


They don’t really plan to tidy it up at all actually(afaik, I’m sure some will happen just because it’s what they do in their spare time? Guessing here). They just need to get the paperwork settled and get everyone settled with the monies from the KS.

It’ll take up to 2 weeks for Kickstarter to deposit the funds into our account. At that point we have some legal and accounting stuff to take care of for taxes etc. In parallel to that we will immediately begin preparing the prototype for release to the Developer Access backers. This will consist of integrating I-Novae Account authentication into it so that we can verify only accounts with Developer Access can login to play the game. On top of that we need to build out web infrastructure so people can actually download the prototype as well as submit bug reports. Access to the private developer forums will occur as soon as Kickstarter gives us the list of pledgers, I have no idea how long that takes.


Sorry - so just to clarify, access to the Prototype will eventually be available at what tier amount?

The earliest you can get your hands on the latest internal builds (the prototype with maybe a little polish) is estimated for early next year and comes with the $250 tier or higher. $85 or more gets you alpha access around October 2016. $55 gives you beta access around April 2017.

Pledge $250 or more for access to internal builds (prototype) est. January 2016 or sooner.
Pledge $85 or more for access to alpha builds, est. October 2016
Pledge $55 or more for access to beta builds, est. April 2017
Pledge $20 or more for access to finished game, est. September 2017

Ahh - Okay thank you!

I had upped my pledge from $23 to $75 the other day before the limited 1000 ran out.

That really is as much as I can afford I’m afraid so I will have to buckle up and wait it out until October 2016.

I will be watching with great interest how things develop and wish I-Novae Studios the best of luck!

Thank you for the rapid response.


Thank you for making it so clear!

Thank you for backing!