Quest for Earth and generally a game for wanderers

I have found this project from the old demo video on youtube, and that flight made me seek for more and more info about similar things. Is there going to be anything related to that “flying” game or is it abandoned? I’m not particularly interested in shooting stuff tbh, got a ton of other games for that…

In Infinty: Battlescape you will be able to travel anywhere you like within the solar system, even if your team will dislike you doing so. But you’ll probably be one in a hundred that does so out of your team.

Actually we’re planning on including a single player sandbox mode so people who want to can just fly around and explore without impacting a multiplayer game.


Excellent, I’m sold then :smile:

Drooling now. I’m off to build a time machine so I can jump forward to the point where this game is finished.

Noooooo don’t do it … I’m you from the future! I hacked Lomsors account to tell you this:

You will do something very stupid because you couldn’t wait. You froze yourself in a glacier and were woken up (a lot of) years later. Now you have to deal with s***t like talking Beavers and -ism battles and such stuff. And you can’t even play Infinity because of compatibility problems! Trust me don’t do it!