PSA: Add Battlescape to Steam as a Non-Steam Game So Your Friends Will See It


To do so, click "add game in bottom left of the steam library. Click add non-steam game. Use the “browse” button to browse to the location of your install. Add “INovaeLauncher.exe” to steam. It should be located in
“…\I-Novae Studios\Launcher”. Name the shortcut “Infinity Battlescape”. Thats it! Launch the game from steam and now all your friends will see you playing the game, hopefully ask what it is, and gain the game some free exposure every time you play.

Also, play the game more often don’t be lame.


Also, hopefully you have friends.


I only have 1 friend at steam, and he is only playing Diablo 3 all day…
By the way: If one of you want to be my friend at steam, search for “BenThuro”. I would love to have some people there to play a round or two from day to day :wink:


Also add it as a game on Discord and set it to show up, any Discord servers you are in then people will see it.


Adding the launcher to Discord works and I start it through Steam so that both are active. But if you add the Prototype itself, then it seems to work only once.

It is recognized once as either:

  • Infinity Battlescape Prototype v0.4.1.0
  • Infinity Battlescape Prototype (client)

Can’t use the Discord overlay due to this issue unless manually removing and adding it. :frowning:

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Game detection on discord is finicky. It works once and then stops until readded. This behavior goes for every game that I have tried.


Why can’t we get steam keys? I’d rather launch this on steam as a supported game not as a third party game.


This was before the game was on steam and was an idea to spread the word about I:B. I answered you here about your question:

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