Procedurally Generated City Planets

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With the new reveal from Citizencon 2017, Chris Roberts revealed a procedurally generated city planet. (I’m guessing with limited landing sites)

I would think that IB would be able to do this as well (and probably better). If the city scape was just procedurally created terrain.

Our team would be able to do it, but we would need a small army of artists to produce the artwork needed to really bring variation and life to the assets that make up the city structures. Even if the buildings are incredibly modular in their design, it would still require a lot of artwork.

I don’t think it would be as simple as modifying the procedural Terrain Tech, although there may be pieces that could be used. ???


Although this would be pretty cool, INovae’s resources are already stretched thin as they are.
Besides, one can perfectly imagine that the system in which the battles occur only have little to no civil population.

The military / industrial implementations are already pretty nifty work, IMO. Civil structures and cities can come in another patch, or even in mods :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I would love to see a city planet (or just a city on a planet). But as Hutchings said, it would still require a lot of artwork to create the assets, which could then be arranged procedurally. There would be a lot more work than a normal planet, which can largely be defined by algorithms.

It’s weird - you’d think blocks and simple shapes would be easier to do, but in order for it to be convincing, there would have to be loads of work on detail!

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Tech-wise it’s pretty easy to do. Main concerns would be about performance and artwork variety. But programming wise it wouldn’t require that much work.


try it for fun!

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Here’s a link to the video. I found the demo to be very impressive, but it’s not hundreds of ships shooting at each other.

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Hmm. How much thought have you put into this?
You’d want more than a random distribution of buildings…

I was comparing to SC. Subversion is another level of complexity. But if you add some simple constraints, spawn buildings in a grid-like pattern like in SC, add a bunch of rules to control distribution / probabilities, then it’s fairly easy.


I doubt that it would make sense to have a city-planet. Cities on planets, perhaps, but they would be fairly small and built around a factory/military base simply because of the lore. Players are battling over new systems, not systems with densely populated megacities.

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Fair enough. I did notice in the SC video that those golden city lines were just an overlay and not related to the actual building layout:

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Why not start with few building arts and add new ones over time.
Maybe some experienced guys from community can help too!

Before cities should come avatars then small structures and plants which we have. Cities are pretty pointless without a population of some kind. Oh, and SC reveals LOTS of things and rarely do they come through. But since they went from 100 systems down to 4 or 5 since the kickstarter, who knows.

Because we art types need to focus on bringing you exciting new capital ships :wink:


New capital ships CONFIRMED!!!

Maybe a frigate to bridge the gap between the destroyer and the corvette? :stuck_out_tongue:


City planets violate thermodynamics, they would get way too hot with no way to dump heat just on the heat generation of the population required to actually populate such a planet, even if your planet has no sun. Hell you hit heat limits pretty quick even if you just go with evenly spaced arcologies with miles of pristine nature reserve between it all.


Better nip this one… “New” are the Capital ships that are yet to be modelled :wink: the Carrier and Cruiser still need some lovin.


Whenever someone links art of future cities, I always think it looks too similar to any modern city, just with futuristic greeble and lighting. Then again, it’s hard to be more area efficient than a skyscraper.

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You can use something like MapBox for city generation. I also did some work on procedural city generation a few years ago, blog is below. It’s not too difficult to make procedural cities if you concede that buildings are restricted to modern type buildings composed off simple primitive shapes.


Yeah ships are top priority, things to interact with :grin:.
You guys already created factory facilities and few kind of buildings/towers which can also be used to put in procedural cities later if comes on schedule, it would be like big industrial zone/city upgraded over time with new kind of buildings.
Something like that harbour city from trailer.
Just a thought, you know your priorities best!