Problems with Google Authentication

I have my account connected through Gmail. I have no problems logging into the website.

When going through the launcher (all but twice) I am getting a “Login request failed” pop-up right after entering my password. It says “User authentication failed with error”.

I do receive my access code from Google via text, however I can not enter it because when I close the pop-up I am sent back to the launcher Login screen.

I have completely shut down my computer and still get this error.

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Looking into it.

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Are you getting your authentication code via SMS or the Google Authenticator app? Also which version of Windows are you running and have you ever installed the Launcher before?

Oh I see you’re getting it from text, is it possible for you to try switching to the authenticator app and see if you continue to have the same problem?

I was able to get in with the andorid app. Thank you for the help, I am proud to be a backer of you guys!

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Awesome that’s fantastic, sounds like I’ll have to test with SMS authentication.


SMS Authentication didn’t work for me either, same problem as OP. But I tried the authenticator app and that worked. Thanks!

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I had the same issue. But I logged in with the 2009 (infinity-universe) username and password.

Having authentication issues myself, I tried resetting the password here but I guess I can’t since I apparently created my account through google. ><

I tried changing my google password, but even that hasn’t helped.

I also had the same SMS authentication issues as OP. Hope I haven’t dug more of a hole.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to try again for a few hours as its off to work! Any assistance would be appreciated.



EDIT: Got it working!! W00t.