Problems have resurfaced since update

After the website was updated, I had stopped having alot of the problems that I had, but today I’m seeing these problems again for some reason.

My avatar went missing and I can’t seem to get it uploaded again, and I’m having the deletecache problem logging in again.

Did we have a file rollback or something? Or should I just assume today was just a glitch and try again tomorrow?

There are still some issues I’m working on ironing out. Nothing has been rolled back. The reason your profile pic is having issues is because you were one of the first ppl to use the new forums and you uploaded a pic before I switched the forums to using cloud storage. I moved the forums to a new (more powerful) server and those pictures were left behind. You can’t re-upload the same photo because discourse caches photo hashes and it thinks it still exists. I’m working on fixing it and a few other issues that remain with the forums

I see your avatar, so I guess the issue resolved itself?

I slightly modified the picture so that I could re-upload it.

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Which means I shouldn’t touch my picture now :smile:

Thanks for taking the time to fix it…

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