Possible Kickstarter campaign supporter list:

Kickstarter campaigns often mention the support from people of notable influence. The Infinity MMO also had such people interested in the project. A list should be set up of people I-Novae should contact right before launching their Kickstarter campaign. Here is a few that I know of:

  • Germain Couet - Game designer and artist for Castle Story. On the old forums, Germain wanted and worked on creation of a trailer video for Infinity. Even though it was not complete, it showed his support for the project.
  • Josh Parnell - One-man team creating Limit Theory. He loves creating things through procedural generation techniques, so he has and still follows I-Novae’s activities even if there was a intense discussion with I-Novae developers(old forums) regarding the lacking of artistic side in procedurally generated 3D models and textures. On these forums he goes by the name of XeonXT_.
  • Clifford Michael Bleszinski - Video game designer and former design director for the game development company Epic Games. Keith’s former colleague. He expressed amazement towards No Man’s Sky in one Joe Rogan’s* Podcast.
  • Tim Sweeney - Founder and CEO of Epic Games. Keith’s former boss. Keith met Tim at the Games Developer Conference, where, according to Keith, he was interested in I-Novae Engine.
  • Brano Kemen - Lead developer of the Outerra 3D planetary graphics engine. He had registered on the old forums and followed I-Novae’s developments even before its creation.

* Doubt that Joe Rogan himself would have interest in Infinity, he is more of a Quake/Unreal Tournament/FPS game guy.


This is awesome and kinda creepy to me…

Personally I think that the I-novae team Should get in contact with these people - ASAP.

Especially @XeonXT_ , Cliffy B. and pretty much anyone who showed support for the project with industry contacts.

I know that @INovaeKeith met with Tim Sweeney so maybe getting his stamp of approval on this project will help out in the long run. At least for the Kickstarter.

Small note at the bottom for -

@INovaeKeith @INovaeFlavien @INovaeGene @INovaeAndre

No matter what happens with your Kickstarter - You guys are awesome and should feel awesome that you have made it this far. Good Luck!

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Famous people are unlikey to respond, but it can’t hurt trying to contact them or various gaming news websites. What is important however, is the KS video and information, and it is important that you pull out all the stops on the video and make it pretty amazing, as from my experience of indie Kickstarters, if the presentation isn’t perfect, then people lose interest in the concept quickly, no matter how amazing or unique it is.

Try and sell yourselves and your product as best you can; KS has become a lot more demanding recently :smile:

Good luck!

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