Please Post Small Forum Suggestions Here

I was going to make this suggestion a special topic, but then I thought it might be better if all forum related suggestions were in one thread.

So if you have a suggestion concerning the functionality of the forums, please place it here, rather than make a new thread.

I would suggest that a “Categories” button be placed on threads pages, just like they are in the topic/sub-forum pages.

That way, it would eliminate an extra page loading when you want to go back to see all categories.

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I would also suggest that, if possible, the heart symbol (used in liking a post) be replaced by a thumbs up or a check mark.

There is something about hearts that doesn’t click with me…


I heart your last post.


It’s unlikely that Keith is going to implement these things himself.

If you want to see changes, the best way to go about it is probably to suggest them on

Wait, so Keith isn’t in charge of customizing these pacific forums?

I thought that Discourse was only a provider.

Yes of course he is, but I don’t think tweaking the forum is on his list of priorities right now.
Discourse is very young and under constant development - It’s being tweaked all the time over at

If he makes changes himself then he has to fiddle about when it comes to merging updates.

Regarding the like icon, @INovaeKeith could just chuck this in the admin’s Customize section:

.icon-heart:before {
  content: "\f087";
} {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #EEEEEE;
    color: #888888;

That would make it a thumbs up. (

I realize that. I’m not desperate that anything be changed, just giving some suggestions for future consideration.

I’ll make some suggestions over at

I’d love to see a Dev Tracker icon at the top, next to Categories, etc - I hope I’m not missing anything and it’s really not there already :smile:

I think I should have posted this here.

I don’t see a link from the forums to the main website. Is it on purpose? I’d expect to be some button, link or image link somewhere, probably left to the in the top bar.

Also, I just saw that this logo isn’t displayed at its full size, and if you compare the two, it is a bit pixelated by the size reduction. Or at least it is on my computer.