Please clean up the PackageCache in C

The old PackageCache takes up 20G in C with each game updates.
Please clean up the old PackageCache after game has updated.

You aren’t the first person to report this but I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem. Is it every update or some subset of updates?

every update

Which OS are you running?

Also, I don’t suppose you have a copy of your last installation upgrade log? They are put in %temp%.

I think it keeps the files there if the download didn’t complete fully, I have a few files there that are too small for a full update.

C:\Program Files\INovaeInstallerRegistry\Products\[X]\PackageCache

Also worth noting that deleting that packagecache disables your ability to uninstall the game until you restore it.

It’s unusual to rely on a large package(4gb+) download taking up space forced onto c: drive to uninstall something later. Smaller SSD folks probably arent a big fan of that.

Totally, like I said it’s something that’s definitely on the TODO list.

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