Please add these features, I am looking forward to like this game

I am very searching these game features, please add them:

Sandbox and realistic gaming. Switching fps tps and ship simulator mode. Ship inside with realistic dimensional just like Star Citizen, not only a different isolated map trick. Walking around our ship, leaving the ship manually by walking to realistic airlock, docking and walking to space stations. No limitation for any action. For example if we want to leave our ship in space, being able to do space walking freely. And if we forget to wear our EVA suit we die because of the vacuum. If we had hired crew, they warn us for dangerous things but we have the option to do or not to do. Doing various off-duty activities such as eating, drinking, lying on the bed. When walking around the ship or looking to a window or sitting on our captain’s chair, giving commands to our crew and having our ship driven. And if we want driving our ships ourselves with like spaceship simulator, and shoot at enemy ships. And if we manage, possibility to dock at enemy ships and fighting in fps/tps mode and kill its crew or steal its cargo or imprison resigned enemies or capture the ship it completely. Freely flying around planets, landing on planet surface manually anywhere we want, and walking on planets. Exploring planets on foot or with our land vehicles or our ship. Entering or exiting planet atmosphere realistic. All universe random generated, no linear, no limit, no invisible walls. I think I explained what I like for now. I think they are difficult to code but if they are added, I’ll be happy.

Is already planned as far as I know.

No walking around. The developers don’t have the time or resources to bother making a totally different game that offers no real benefit to the space-sim gameplay side of things.

I’d also like to note:
The game you just described, perfectly, already exists.
It’s called ‘Shores of Hazeron’.

I think you just wrote the wishlist of every space game fan ever. “I want to be able to do anything!”

As awesome as the I-Novae engine is appearing to be, the technology is simply not ready for this level of detail and realism. Not to mention, having all of these features may not actually turn out to be fun.

I would also love to see a game that includes all of this. I tried Shores of Hazeron incidentally, and the issues with it drove me mad. Maybe one day all of this will be included in some descendent of Infinity, also when computing power can cope with the true complexity of life in space.

But Naiba is right - this time they need to stay focused on making a solid game that will sell. Sometimes the simplest implementations are best (Elite/Freelancer anyone?). :smile:

Of course, I’m not saying Infinity: Battlescape won’t be awesome. I believe it will be.
(Disclaimer: as long as they reach a reasonable funding level in the Kickstarter.)


I would assume if the bare minimum isn’t reached then the issuer does not have the option to accept the total raised. This adds to the importance of doing it once and getting it done right! It’s best to aim high with additional gameplay orientated stretch goals while avoiding risks of not ever seeing any donations.

Does Inovae Studios feel focused enough to make their own MMO simulation? Lets face it, an arena shooter will only go so far. I hope to one day mine those Infinity asteroids and explore the whole procedurally generated star system. The unfortunate part is that kickstarter will not have anything to do with any future MMO which means no mining asteroids or exploring a infinite star system. This may mostly be off topic but still holds the question. I speak for all Infinity fans.

No, you would not assume. You can’t even say “I assume if …”

You can say “I can expect if …”

No you don’t. I think you’re full of [REDACTED], for example.

Not only is Battlescape, as it has been pitched, an interesting game in its own right, it more than serves its purpose as a testbed and showcase for I-Novae’s technology and is the single best chance we, as fans, have of ever seeing Infinity the MMO.

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[quote=“Ovrki1, post:4, topic:413”]
I speak for all Infinity fans.[/quote]

That is quite the claim. I certainly disagree with you. To be honest, the idea of Battlescape is not one I personally would like to pledge money to at this time. I’m holding out until the KS starts to make my final judgement because I would like to be persuaded. But strictly speaking, it’s not what I “signed up” for. I do recognize that other people are excited about it and I’m extremely glad other people are excited about Battlescape because I do agree it may be the best hope of the full fledged game being realized.

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Your post makes about as much sense as the prior two and doesn’t explain how you disagree. There is nothing that I said to make such a fuss about so let’s move on. I spoke kind words.

Ah I see what you mean. We discussed it extensively somewhere else here but I can’t be arsed to find it.

To explain it, there are at least two possible ways to approach the KS. You suggest getting the full ITQFE game as a high stretch goal. The thing about that is, it will remove the focus from Battlescape. And that might be shooting ourselves in the foot.

I think the idea is to not create an atmosphere that seems like Battlescape is merely a means to an end that will be dropped as soon as ITQFE is able to be pursued. This will alienate the group of people that actually would like Battlescape in it’s own right, preventing them from pledging for it or buying it down the line.

I never suggested such an idea though I can see how you got that impression. It is not a secret that Flavien and Keith have no current plans in which would factor in a MMO funding goal for the future Kickstarter campaign.