Play with the game

how do i play the game ?

Depends how much you have pledged on Kickstarter (when it happened) or Indiegogo.

If you have purchased at a Developer Access tier, you can go to, download, login and get started! Make sure you use the same email address to login here as you did to pledge.

Access for people who have pledged at an Alpha level have a little longer to wait, but it will be soon (June apparently).

There are no further dates scheduled yet.

Also, if you find you have a little extra cash at some point, you can upgrade your pledge here:

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It seems like you’ve pledged for beta access. The game is currently crowd-funded and we’re in mid-development - alpha will get released in about 2 months. For the beta release we’re targetting the end of the year.


If you want to gain access to the dev build and help out the INS team then you can always upgrade you’re pledge.

Otherwise you’ll have to wait till the beta or full game is released.