[PHX] The Phoenix Imperium

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What is The Phoenix Imperium?

Our History

Descended from the original Infinity IPO/Corporation "The Black Order", The Phoenix Imperium is possibly among one of the oldest surviving Infinity communities. We've changed a lot over the years, losing some members and good friends in the process, but we are still going.

Our Future

In Infinity MMO, we will aim to create a self-sufficient (or as near as possible) empire spanning multiple systems. To achieve this lofty goal we need more members, and more dedicated members. We also need people interested in all disciplines, whether it be defending our borders in PvP, or gaining reputation and goodies through PvE, or ensuring our livelihoods as trade haulers or actually being involved in resource gathering and R&D. We also aim to support any intrepid explorers who wish to follow us into the void.


We're not entirely ready to unveil our structure yet, but we currently have 3 ranks. Emperor (held by Topperfalkon), Lords (we currently have 3), and then regular members. The Lords simply assist in administrating PHX and monitoring social media.


This area is a work in progress. We intend to revive some of our old policies from the TBO era, and make them better.

Trade, etc.

Space may be big, but there's a whole load of bodies out in the 'verse. We recognise that although we aim for self-sufficiency, that'll never be a fully achievable goal. We'll be looking for partners to trade with, engage in mutual protection with, and share exploration and research data with. If you think your community will have something to offer us, then simply get in touch here, via PM, or on our forums.

Foreign Affairs, Piracy, etc.

As a general rule, we will always attempt to cater for all comers, provided they respect our rules and territories. Whilst we will not actively support piracy, we will not enquire into the prior activities of visitors to our territory. When considering permitting entry, we only consider the reports of our own patrols and their past conduct in our territory. Additionally, we will never permit unlawful combat in our territory, regardless of whether or not one of the combatants was at some point a pirate or other unsavoury character. We may make exceptions for these rules in the case of certain crimes committed against NPC factions, should such crimes be defined at some point and they be reasonable. In this respect, we hope that our territories will be a safe and pleasant trading ground, sheltered from most external politics.

Whilst you wait

As we still don't expect the Infinity MMO to be available for quite some time, we are filling in the time by playing many other games. We have a few members playing Guild Wars 2, Rocket League, Garry's Mod, and more. We're not currently hosting any servers, but will be open to suggestions for games we could play frequently. It goes without saying that we hope to be heavily active in Infinity: Battlescape as soon as it's available.

How to join

We accept members 18 and over (or 16 and over at our discretion) that are comfortable gaming in a mature and respectful community. We're currently using Discord for IM and voice communications.

You can join us by following this link. For the time being, you can get in touch with me on this forum if you wish to join us. We’ll review your application then get back to you.


reborn from ashes as they say.

I have so many good memories with you guys, and I’m sure there will be many more.

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Welcome back, guys!

Hey there Lysk, good to see you back here!

In no time they will be pushing me out of my AstroTurf your Asteroid business. That’s what happens I suppose.Can’t leave anything for us little guys.

Hope to see you around, Topper.

Say, do you still have that old logo animation I made you?

This one?

Wow, 51 one views!

Sweet. :slight_smile:

Haha, if only we’d done more videos though, then it would have got around a bit more wildly. Silverblaze (the guy who did the music) has suggested he’s going to rework the track on it at some point though, which should be awesome.

Well hopefully soon you will have some I:B footage to make some promos. :wink:

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damn right

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I do miss you guys! Glad to see there’s still plans for PHX, and you can bet I’ll be back when IBS is ready. :wink:

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Pfft, why aren’t you back now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be a great time when the ball starts rolling.

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Ahh yes, reminds me of the old Black Order days, oh the drama, the fun, the excitement. I’d love to get a few dogfights going with you guys when Battlescape is further along :wink: for old times sake.

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You can count on it dude. It’s just a shame we can’t have you back.

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Phoenix Imperium is Best Imperium.

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ENNON!!! Welcome back bro

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Thought I should expand a bit. Hopefully we’ll bring back some of the treaties and policies we worked on for TBO

This seems like an interesting concept. I might join, but not just yet. Not going to make any decision until after the KS is done. Good luck, though! :slight_smile:

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