Personal Projects Thread

see the edit I literally just made XD

Have you considered using literally any free image host?

Most of the free ones basically say in the EULA that the images/whatever uploaded are not mine anymore upon uploading. Screw that. I like my stuff being mine, that’s why I host stuff myself.

Patience. The pictures will come with time.


Yesterday opened up the engine and dropped a set of PI cams (that came from ford PI heads) in it. Changed the sound a fair bit, made it sound less gruff and kinda made it sound a little less fake. The throttle is also a fair bit more responsive too. Reading a book from a guy who did it, said it gets 15ish more horse power (though I cant really tell). Measured both types of cams before the PI ones went in, and the PI cams have 0.020" of more lift on the intake side, and 0.035" more lift on the exhaust. According to the book it has slightly less duration though.

Today I turned the front brake rotors to try to see if it fixed the little shutter issue when driving down the road. It did, so that means I need to replace the front two brake callipers and rotors.


today, i have completed scripting an ion cannon for my/a gaming server.

i used source engine, which is a game engine, and used sourcemod, which is a MOD for source engine that allows you to write scripts in a language called “sourcepawn”.

sourcepawn made me lose my mind shaking the computer to just do its thing because

angry programmer rant here

but i got it completed, and once enough people logged on, noticed something different. WELCOME TO YOUR SHINY NEW ION CANNON.

picture attached.


Continuing the discussion from Please help me design my Case Con Paint Scheme:

So since December of 2015 I’ve been working on a “Passive Phase Change Cooling” and “PC Case Con”

Both Project kind of are one … well I was working hard on it and didn’t really took the time to keep a work-log …

Anyway today I applied to DCMM, the german case modding chapionship. Here are some pictures of how the case looks:









I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and plan to finalize everything when I get back in two weeks.


Looking Awesome @Lomsor! :heart_eyes:

So huge but i love your project becouse handjob


Wonderful work @lomsor.

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I’m really liking the case!

Those stripes in front though, they seem disjointed IMO, when considering the whole. Otherwise, really classy. :smiley:

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I think I’ll rearange the front plates. They are interchangeable.

Thanks everyone. :heart:


It’s been a while since I started this project, but finally Space Duty is done and is now on Steam Greenlight, would really appreciate the vote if you guys have the time. It’s a sci-fi story rpg, been my main indie project for about two years, you can check the weekly development updates on IndieDB that’s linked below.


Can I be a critic? :wink:


I have seriously reconsidered my career choices. Perhaps the career path of a programmer has not changed for me. But I am very tired of working on websites. So I am focusing my attention from providing product/services to chosen clients, to providing a product/service to the public. Video games is one such product. I have two projects in mind. One way more ambiguous than the other.

The ambiguous project is what I call Magia(website is just a teaser). A 3D game where players use an existing constructed language called Lojban to do magic. I thought I could develop it through alphafunding. But could not get enough variety possible spells to publish it and a similar game called Code Spells got crowdfunded, even though it uses code which I thought would scare away non-programmers. This game is still my main objective. Might make it as a mod for Minecraft first though, in order to create a community around it.

My current project is a third-person telekinesis survival game for Xbox One Kinect called Telezerk(IndieDB page). Game features a short story setting in which the protagonist continuously resists arrest for a crime he/she believes to be entirely innocent of. No matter. Law enforcement won’t stop and the attempts are never ending. Even if the protagonist has telekinetic powers.

Telekinesis/Psychokinesis mechanics are heavily influenced by the movie “Push” from 2009.


It might be nothing fancy, but I do tend to spend some of my free time writing little javascript mods for forums I am active in, to add functionality. Like “ignore user” on discourse (I do know the reason why the discourse devs decided to not include this functionality, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them on that point).

Here’s a screenshot without the script:

and here with the script, where I ‘ignore’ myself:

I kind of want to keep tinkering with it, as there can be done some interesting stuff with it, like adding random facts about I:B to it, or a random I:B screenshot…


I just got Logic Pro X. First order of business was figuring out how to make a good harpsichord sound. Here’s the stock version:

Here’s the super modified version of the same sound, layered 6 times:

Techniques included making a track that had the equalizer emphasizing the very high frequencies of the twanginess, while I also slightly increased the attack and reverb on those to give it that nice harpsichord crispness. I also had different tracks emphasize different parts of the instrument to help “widen” its sound to make it sound more like it’s right in front of you.

That’s the same track of me playing, so the midi output files are identical in each.

Oh, and both recordings are in a well-temperament. Also… This still doesn’t sound as good as it does right in logic, so I’ll have to figure out how to up the quality.


That feeling when you squash a bug that’s been pestering you for weeks (in this case a memory leak that rendered the program kind of not fit for purpose)


Working on making my own transcription of The Imperial March from Star Wars by ear for the piano. I played this at just over half of the tempo you hear here, which I sped up:

The stumbles are kind of because I just decided to add in playing an additional octave for most sections with the 16th note triplets. Later on towards the end it’s because I’m doing a “roll” but it’s from an octave up to a chord to be played on the same beat, essentially. It is permissible because orchestral music often has a longer attack time, and the rolling conveniently manages to capture both additional notes and the attack time. But, it has to be done with the left hand to make sure that the right hand has the precise timing.

Using this recording as reference:

It’ll take me a while to reverse engineer the rest of it while I get the stuff I know clean and up to tempo. It’s actually been a very good exercise in getting my finger dexterity up. I especially need to work on some of the the rapidly repeated notes with my left hand in a pattern of 4321 and 1234 because if I am playing an octave I have to start my thumb on 1, and 1432 just has too much of a lag.


I know what you mean. It’s been too long, and my fingers feel stiff when trying to move quickly.

I don’t know if you need help, but I’d recommend “Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises”. It’s helped me a lot in the past, and I really ought to go through it again lol.

As to the piece, it has potential, keep working on it.

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I’m at a point where I am about to say to Hell with it ever having gone to shit and to Hell with it ever going to shit again.

At least I can play some of the passages I developed at full tempo already.

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