Patch Selecting Mission Location Problem?

Since this patch I am struggling to select missions from the list. I have resorted to ejecting and re spawning in order to get to a location where action is happening rather than warping there. Have I missed something or is there an issue here? Thanks. (Other than that it looks great).

Can you give more details, maybe screenshots ? I’m not sure why you’re mentioning that you’re avoiding warping there, since the patch only changed the UI menu and has nothing to do with navigation.

Good afternoon Flavien, I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong, but on the missions list, previously I could select a target, then come out of that screen and the target would be highlighted so I could then warp to the new location and join the battle there. Since the update, I don’t see how to do this. I hope I haven’t just missed something obvious, which is possible with me tbh! But I thought I should mention this just in case there is an issue.

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Ah, I see, thanks ! Yeah that’s a good point, that feature was disabled in this patch, but we’ll re-implement in the next one, as it sounds like a bummer. Meanwhile, you can still go in the star map and right-click on a target, which will pop a context menu in which you can select that target on the HUD.

Ah super, yes, that seems to work. Thanks.