"Overload" - a 6 DOF shooter made by the old team THAT MADE DESCENT

This blew my mind. I’m already pretty stoked about Descent: Underground, but this one looks pretty promising, especially because it has most of the old Descent crew from Interplay & Volition back behind it.

They just launched a Kickstarter, but that’s not why I’m posting about it. I only just saw their AMA on Reddit (though that begs some interesting questions about why they were able to do an AMA during their Kickstarter while we weren’t…), and I was a huge Descent fan as a kid. There’s even some talk about getting a few of the old soundtrack musicians back as well. As I understand it, Overload is geared for single-player, while Underground is going to be multiplayer. So they’re not quite stepping on each other’s toes just yet.

Graphics-wise it looks fine to me. I’m not one to scrutinize graphics very much though since I feel strongly that gameplay is much more important, but what I have seen looks nice. Lots of fiery explosions, bold colors, solid shadows, environment/atmospheres, the works. The devs made a note to say that they’re focusing on control with joystick and gamepad. Hopefully good 'ol mouse+keyboard will still be an option though.

The website is here, and the Kickstarter is here - $35 will get you the game and the soundtrack

I KNOW there have to be some other Descent heads here


Decent not promissing at all game feels likeunreal tournament :pensive:

I take it you weren’t a fan of the original? Or do you just mean re: the KS?

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No i play decen when i was young . not fan the newest decent i already have game i may talk about horrible remote. It looks like a hack without a soul for the children. If it was a super project that would find a publisher as well as access to the KS is just skimming. who the audience of this game, I think people who like to invest money in projects like roulette

I’m confused…[quote=“pictbrige, post:4, topic:2200”]
not fan the newest decent i already have game
Are you talking about Descent: Underground? Because this is different, and it’s definitely not available to the public in any form.

So, this game looks like a decent and you inspire confidence and coolness this robot with saws instead of hands? Yes i talkin about decent undeground

Totally missed this topic. All right! (love this forum system, advising you in case of duplicates as you write a new topic). I am really excited about this project, but unfortunately it’s kind of struggling while shooting for the same KS goal that Infinity: Battlescape set. This is the original team back together again! If you liked the classic Descent series, head on over and give them a hand! They just released a new update with some great footage of weapon prototypes…

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The art style kinda reminds me a bit of Retrovirus, but I guess Retrovirus was inspired by descent a fair bit. Shame that one didn’t balance the damage quite right, left things feeling overly tanky and dodging shots wasn’t quite so important as it should have been.

From what I heard Retrovirus was definitely inspired by Descent. I bought an early release, but it didn’t run on the laptop I was using at that time, so I still haven’t played it all the way through. I think a lot of people were hoping for a more familiar feel, which has pretty much been the case with every 6DOF offering that has come along since Descent 3. Even Descent 3 was a little far a-field for some fans’ tastes.

With OVERLOAD Revival is boasting a return to Descent’s roots, in for the form of a new title with a new story. From everything I’ve seen so far they’re nailing it. Good old robot-blasting action with much better graphics and effects, but a very familiar feel. They’re using the Unity 5 engine (dynamic global illumination!), and releasing with their own, custom level editor.

After the game has launched they will be releasing a Multiplayer Add-on, which will be free to all Kickstarters who have pledged for a copy of OVERLOAD.
Backers also get a free copy of Inferno 2, a small title released by Revival’s lead designer, Luke Schneider, while he was doing solo game development (goes for $5 on Steam).

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[quote=“pictbrige, post:6, topic:2200”]
Yes i talkin about decent undeground
[/quote]Then let me be perfectly clear: “Overload” is not - not - the same game as Descent: Underground. It’s a different game made by different people, but both games are inspired by the same franchise. The thing that sets Overload apart from Underground is that Overload is being made by the same people who made the original Descent games. That’s why I’m so excited for it: it might finally be a 6DOF shooter that looks and feels like the original game series we all fell in love with.

I for one donated! Anyone else?

Already a backer. This is easily the best Descent-remake out there. Go figure, with both the people behind Parallax Software and Volition behind it.

Totally hits all the nostalgia buttons that stuff like Descent: Underground fails to do.


Now i know what exacly means

They’re going to do a livestream in a hour or two:

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Wow this is actually ticking a lot of good nostalgia boxes :slight_smile:

Strangely awkward that they don’t own the rights to Descent and someone has already just made a new Descent that doesn’t quite hit the mark :\

Volition Plays Overload–The Revival Productions guys getting together on their Volition streaming couch for a further peek at the progress of OVERLOAD, and a little surprise project by one of the devs–Descent 1 level 1 assets loaded in OVERLOAD, minus a few enumerated, more involved, programmed systems (AI)! Passing the controller around, answering questions, and enjoying the last week of KS/game-making-related sleep deprivation from crunching some long hours, and sporting facial hair from their no-shaving KS pledge. :slight_smile:

Actually Revival doesn’t even seem to be missing a beat–OVERLOAD from Revival Productions is the new 6DOF shooter to play from the folks who created the Descent series. New name, but one that fans of the series will warm up to quickly in my opinion. It’s apparently no struggle for Revival, who aren’t even bothering to copy from the original assets (ship, weapons, robots, levels) all of which they do own. There are clear nods to the old favorites, but at the same time everything is new. The beauty of it is that there’s no need for fans to let go of D1/D2/D3 in order to embrace OVERLOAD. These aging games are still very much alive to the folks who made them, and they’re learning from their mistakes and building on their successes. There’s even talk of finally working out a long-awaited patch at some point for Descent 3.

I wouldn’t have seen myself saying it before following the OVERLOAD Kickstarter for a bit, but I don’t think fans who learn about the project will even feel a need to hold onto the “Descent” name. OVERLOAD is where it’s at in 2016/2017! :smiley:

New development!! Revival Productions will be putting out a playable OVERLOAD “Teaser” release this Monday! (March 7th) The teaser will be available for all to play, not just Kickstarter backers, but backers will get first look sometime this weekend! :smiley: (teaser release will be PC only)

Look for it on the OVERLOAD Kickstarter Updates!

OVERLOAD Playable Teaser available to everyone! Try it out and pass it on! :smiley:

(they’re hard at work on a Mac/Linux version of the Teaser right now)

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We’re just about down to the last day over at the OVERLOAD Kickstarter! In another hour here the bearded Revival crew is going to kick off their 24-hour finale, Twitch live-stream event, with give-aways and all kind of fun stuff happening!

If you haven’t tried the OVERLOAD Teaser build yet it’s available from Steam, now with a VR cockpit! That’s right! Revival has committed to VR support! You can also download it directly by clicking here (64bit version). During the live-stream Revival will be releasing an updated Teaser with increased “Challenge” difficulty!

So check out the game over at playoverload.com, join the Kickstarter, and swing by the live-stream and see how the guys are holding up in their 24-hour marathon! The KS is about 75% backed as of this post, and needs a solid push during the last 24 hours. Bring a friend! :smiley:

They made it \o/

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