Other Places: Sevastopol

Saw this awesome atmospheric video of Alien Isolation’s Sevastopol by ‘ultrabrilliant’

Other Places: Sevastopol (Alien: Isolation)

Is this just a video-trailer or a real in-game footage (or at least what’s intended to be implemented) ?
Anyway, the rendering is quite amazing indeed.

Other Places is a series celebrating beautiful video game worlds. This episode features the space station Sevastopol from Sega and The Creative Assembly's 2014 stealth/horror game, Alien: Isolation. 

Music: Jerry Goldsmith - Main Title (Alien, 1979)

Don’t know if he takes them in engine and if he does any postproduktion on it … I would guess not to much.

Yap, in-engine graphics. Probabaly with all the settings maxed in 4k and then downsampled for insane visual fidelity.