Osiris : New Dawn - Reverb Triple XP|Fenix Fire

It’s available in early access in steam, and it seams that it already has more to offer than NMS…

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I noticed that and liked what I saw. But it is a very different animal than NMS so hard to compare. I do like the building colony multiplayer element but it doesn’t look like there will be much to colonize in terms of planets and solar systems. Also there doesn’t appear to be spaceship combat - no true space genre game should be without. But I guess the technology isn’t there yet to have multiple systems, actual building and space combat with real size planets, at least with respectable visuals.

yeah I knew it was a little questionable comparison. Dev’s planned on a unique stellar system for the release 1.0.

Comparing with Sean Murray’s title, I feel like this game offers what misses in NMS

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empyrion is probably a better comparison with the kind of game NMS was promising.

In terms of graphics, this one looks like it could turn on Pentium II under Windows 98, the comparison is unfair :smiley:

I bought it, and even with my config (gtx 960M, i7-6700HQ, 8Go DDR4) there’s too much lags/framerate drops to consider it playable. First time of my life I use the refund option (and I hope the last time). So disappointed…

Also, only 12 slots servers …

Ive played some of this and it’s quite enjoyable for what it has right now. Didnt bother with multiplayer yet because i just know it will be a total gankfest.

Also sandworms. It has actual sandworms.