Orbiter Flight Simulator update

So I randomly checked on this for the first time in a while. It turns out they are in beta for an updated version that actually has 3d terrain at last! I have to say, this program taught me a lot about space travel, orbits and docking in space. Yes, it’s basic, but as an interesting and interactive learning tool it’s brilliant. Pure exploration.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to give it a go. Yes, it’s a simulator, but you can use some extremely sci-fi craft that make travelling a lot easier than real life is. Plus there’s a ton of mods.

I might have to install the new version once it’s released and go flying through some Martian canyons…


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That’s pretty cool. I’ve not played around with Orbiter in quite some time (partly because I was rubbish at it). It’s a shame there’s no Linux build for it though.

You have to have a lot of patience, that’s for sure! But I remember the thrill of taking a ship from the runway to orbit, then rendezvousing with the ISS and docking… It felt properly satisfying, especially with the crafts with 3d cockpits. :smile:

To be honest I’m more of a KSP (with realism mods) kind of guy, but this looks cool nonetheless.

I am also a massive KSP fan, but Orbiter is a different beast altogether. It has a feel that I can’t quite describe - it comes closer to reality I think than most other space simulators (of the ones I can think of). Even a modded KSP I suspect can’t match something purpose-built!

Still, they’re targeted at different audiences so all power to both of them. :slight_smile: