Old forum - Communitiy contributions

Does anyone have a backup of some of the old community contributions? Specifically, i’m looking for the music (and a particular track, which i forgot the name of). I’ve been searching this forum, but what i’m looking for is not here. Searching the internet doesn’t yield anything, either. I know the database has been saved by the devs, i assume that includes the art assets (dead links won’t help me). But who knows when, if ever, they will publish that again. So I was hoping someone here saved some of the old stuff.


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If you havent seen this thread yet, it might be of help

I think he’s asking for a complete FTP backup, it would be wonderful if somebody had one, I would really love to have a copy of that too.

iirc the devs had a backup of the old forum content (including the FTP stuff I assume), but they weren’t intending on making that public at the moment.

It might be worth asking @INovaeKeith about if you’re interested in the old contributions stuff though?

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Anybody could have cloned the FTP, I nearly did, didn’t really want to get the devs involved.

@INovaeKeith, are you guys still running the FTP on some domain-less PC, would it be possible to open up the old FTP for a little while?

We ofc have a dev FTP, but we no longer manage the contributions FTP (I believe that was shut well before the old forums went down), as we no longer support that effort. Unless a community member has a copy, you’re all out of luck I think. Talk to Freeman, he may have a copy for his Infinity website.

Also iirc, one of the reasons we shut it down was a lot of bots from Chinese IP’s were auto-copying everything new out of that FTP, and on a few occasions a dev misplaced non-public content in that FTP by mistake.