Old Forum Account not accessable

hello i-novae team,

i tried to login into my old forum acc but it isn’t working. i tried to create it again, but my username is still taken, so it seams to be still in the database. if i try to reset my password i don’t get an email.

my username was Xet



I’ll take a look at it sometime this week.

thx, its not that important, but maybe it helps in terms of forum bugfixing :P.

edit: man this smiley is ugly.

I have the same problem.

My username was: stambo

And the same as OP I couldn’t create a new account with the username. I tried resetting it, however I never received anything (I think this might be due to that account possibly still using my old e-mail which was bound to my old ISP and therefore I have no access to it any more, although I kind of doubt it since it was quite a while ago I lost access to that e-mail account, but then again I did create the Infinity account about 5 years ago as well. Obviously I can not check this now).

If at all possible I would like to regain my previous account (and delete this one afterwards). I can provide whatever personal information was linked to that account for verification purposes.

I know this is asking a lot from you at such a busy time, however I hope you can find the time to do something at some point.