Nostalgia: ICP 2.2a

I hope I do not go against any rules posting this.

Been playing ICP for the last few years, even today…

Found some old working links, no registration required:
for the A patch, look around on that page, I cant post 3 links as new user… or change 8899 to 8898 in the above link

To play:
Install all those,
open serverproto
open clientproto

IP: localhost
name and PW, whatever u want

I had to set shaders to medium for some reason on this laptop, full makes game crash for some weird reason…

There was some request on the KS page for this but I found it unapropriate to post it there…

I said it before and I’ll say it again Inovae… I would have paid for that ICP as it is!
Ow @Flavien, if you take a day of, let me know, I’ll buy you a beer, we do live close to each other and I’ve been following you since the very beginning, my French is veeeeery rusty tho but my thirst is still fine :slight_smile:

Good luck I-novae


Does the server software still exist? We could get some poor mans infinity going on!

If I remember right you can host a server yourself and have other people join you. It didn’t require official servers.


Can’t run it… do you guys know what version of opengl this thing used?

2 probably? I think 2 was the new one at the time.
Does it have any readme files?

Doesn’t seem to? I’ll try running it on my intel gpu that i’ve got in my i7, might get different results.

Awesome find, I lost my copy a while back. The only danger is making sure people don’t mistake this as an example of the current I-Novae engine.

This is ancient history folks!

Well what do ya know, looks like intel’s abundant integrated grahpics means everyone can play the combat proto!
Stick your monitor into your intel ™ graphics output and the bastard loads up just fine.
Now we need a server!

Ok so get the fully patched ICP here I am currently running a server at: port 7000

I might not be able to host it too long now but i’ll definitely figure something out.

We have a client and a server, it is time to get an oldschool league going!

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OMG, I could actually join you!

It really still works.


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oh and:
“Red Intrepid B has been killed by Blue Battleship (80%)”
Shutting it down for today, will host again tomorrow but way earlier and for way longer.

That download site seems a bit dodgy, I just keep getting “temporary error” when trying to download it and there’s no way I’m going to install their sync software. Can you put it on Google Drive?

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The site uses flash as a download accelerator, when the files are larger there are usually errors. The chrome extension seems to fix that though. I’ll vouch for the site but if you are still skeptical, just use the original links at the top, its the same files but you have to use an installer then replace the files with the patch.

I dont think it’s flash. I have flash disabled on my browser and it went fine.

F:\projects\I-Novae\Src\Engine\IOpenALSound\COpenALSoundManager.cpp, exception, something to do with OpenAL 1.1?

Hmm…the launcher opens just fine in Win7 compatibility mode, but even with the IP set to localhost, I’m getting a connection failure. Port 7000 (default). Any ideas?

@lolsparta4 there’s an openal installer in the folder, run it.
@Magellanic you need to run a server to connect to it, there’s a server proto in the same folder as the ICP

Anyways I just put the server up and it’ll be up for most of the day so hop in if you like.

Cool, took it for a spin again, was only player tho.

@Magellanic Make sure u open server proto first

We need to do a planned ICP game event, maybe trough steam, we need a steam group for that though!