Nitrous Engine - Stardock

Here is a tech demo of Stardock’s Nitrous Engine, running with Mantle and showing a massive space battle of 10 000 ships

RPS article here:

The engine is being created by a small company called Oxide, and it’s focused on strategy games, which aren’t dead despite being the new adventure games in terms of how often everyone tries to shove them into grasping graves. In its current state, it can display nearly 10,000 ships at once, each with its own individual AI, firing solutions, enemy tracking, physics – everything. The end result? Pretty darn impressive, even at this early stage.


I have only one word for this: ERMAHGERD!

This + Sins of a Solar Empire! :smiley:

Except I have Dual GTX 660Ti’s so I won’t be using Mantel any time soon haha

And strategy game developers are STILL going to be putting RTS space battles onto 2D planes ¬_¬

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Different thoughts only independents could come up with.

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Nitrous Engine gives you chronic illness.