New Star Trek series coming to CBS All Access, a streaming service developed by CBS

Yup, you read it correctly. New Star Trek series, but not being broadcast on TV - rather, being streamed online. It’s being helmed (pun intended) by Alex Kurtzmann. No idea who’s going to join in co-production or co-writing yet.

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Yes saw that today. Good news. I really liked Enterprise the show, and also would like a show continuing on from Deep Space Nine, or Voyager.

But any new star trek will be good to have as long as its done well.

I’ve just about watched and re-watched all the above so many times, new trek cannot came soon enough for me.

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CBS, they keep the last show in a season back. To say they don’t put it on HULU or ever there own web sight.
I’ll have to talk someone into taping it fore me. Bastards.

US-only. Stream-only. :frowning: The pirates are going to have a field day.


“be distributed concurrently for television and multiple platforms around the world by CBS Studios International.”

I am confused first they said this, than for US audience… perhaps they mean it is aimed at US audience…but will be for the whole world …seriously who would hurt they own sales by limiting it ?

Just hoping it will be in original timeline

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Yes after reading a bit the All Access service is US only but they will distribute via other platforms overseas.

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neat, I am looking forward to it. I mean, star trek has been there for years and judging how much the series evolved (or devolved, depending on your opinion), Anyway, it’s been a long road to get from there to here and seeing how it’s been a long time since the last tv series aired, I am ready for a new, modern, star trek experience, even if it is over a year in the future… Did I mention that they still air voyager daily over here? Not so much luck finding archer and his crew though, never managed to see their whole series :confused: