New SpaceEngine Trailer

Beautiful new video created with SpaceEngine. Hopefully an inspiration for future INovae videos!

Particuler scenes I liked:


Sorry but …

****** gravitational lensing? Man! :slight_smile:

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Where in the video was gravitational lensing evident?
I watched it again but can’t see any instances.

Yeah … must have been some kind of optical illusion or something. I thought to have seen it in the last scene with the red star. On the second watch there were some optical illusions in my peripheral vision. Maybe I looked at the planet or a neighbour star the first time and then my eyes/brain tricked me. Nice video nevertheless.

I didn’t see gravitational lensing, either. Lots of weirdly shaped stars, though. I still don’t know why SpaceEngine squashes stars. It’s a silly lens effect.

It’s gorgeous, and gets enough right that what they get wrong really sticks in my craw. I suspect I’ll have the same issue with INE.

  1. You shouldn’t really be able to make out a stars and a brightly lit celestial object at the same time. This is the kind of stuff that keeps MoonHoaxers hanging around.

  2. The bright galactic bands resemble long exposure photographs. This, plus 1, are the kind of thing that make me wonder if the SE guys have ever looked at the real sky.

  3. Stars + Sun in the sky at the same time. You can’t do it with the moon, you can’t do it with a sun. Even without at atmosphere, you’re not seeing stars at a sun in the sky at the same time without overexposing the hell out of the foreground.

  4. The galaxy that they fly put of at the end feels much too thick. Spiral galaxies are actually fairly thin. The Milky Way, for instance, is only 1000 light-years thick, and with an average distance of about 5 light-years, that means we should only pass about 200 stars. I didn’t sit back and actually count, but my gut feeling from doing similar flights in the planetarium is that the galaxy rendered there was either significantly denser than the Milky Way, or significantly thicker. Neither of those are a true issue, but having spent 4 years doing exactly that kind of flight, it feels weird to see it any differently.


I agree with Kichae.

I also noticed the discrepancies we discussed ealier … let me look it up … here.

Normally a like suffices but in this matter I rather voice my oppinion to many times. Sure there are people who think this way it is right … but their feeling just isn’t correct. Our eyes are great. All this adaptiveness, but somewhere there’s also a limit there.

Put long exposure sensors/telescopes into the game so we can build little hobbles around that earth like planet of yours instead.

Telescope lensing effect is customisable IIRC, you can change the number of bars, including removing it entirely.
Is it possible to obtain a more “human eye” effect (as in, don’t see stars and sun at the same time) by tweaking the options? I remember trying it once, but giving up as I couldn’t get the style I wanted. If it is possible, it would be nice to have a preset setting for it.
Since then, I simply rationalize as "whatever is taking the images is using some advanced camera.

I just went to SE to check this disk thing. They seem to thin out once we are out of the visible disk, but not by as much as I would have thought looking at it.
But the funny part is when I tried to go to a nearby star a few dozen AU away. For some reason, SE understood that as “throw me out of the Universe” and sent me I don’t even remember how many billions (trillions?) of gigaparsecs away, far, far beyond where galaxy are still generated, in the crushing depths of the ultimate nothingnesses.
Fortunately, going at the surface was correctly understood, and it promptly threw me back into the warm comfort of the material universe (too bad it was on very low orbit around a blue main sequence star, though).

As i know the latest is this video
There is also official youtube channel

A very nice trailer as well! The one I posted is (to my knowledge) a community remake of an older trailer on a very beefy machine.

Damn… Is this available in wallpaper resolutions? :stuck_out_tongue:

The original screenshot. Sorry for the low res, it was just a screenshot I took.

Just made it my new wallpaper, it’s not as crisp as I like but it’s good enough.