New model made by Lidong

Back to the old days, you may remember Lidong’s work, he did lots of amazing models (ships, stations, buildings) for infinity.

origianl post:

This is a new SF destroyer by Lidong

Hardpoint:MK2x4 MK1x14 LMK5x12
Dock port:2mx2


looks like reverse of ship, i may didn’t know the top or bottom of it when in outer space. but the design is awesome though. want that ship so bad.

looks like the eve’s providence, not that it’s an uncommon design.

His Greeble is getting better!

If I had access to that old thread with the list of contributions (and if contributions were still accepted) I would immediately add it there :smiley: Looks awesome!

Too bad I never finished that list…

I wish I could model like that. :open_mouth:

To be honest it looks more deltan than SF to me

Eh, it could be either, depending on the textures used. Something dark and gritty, and I’d believe it were an SFC ship without hesitation. Something lighter, and giving the impression of more “modern” materials, and it could be Deltan.

Keep in mind that the SFC is a (relatively) recent daughter state to the former Deltan Empire. We should see similarities, especially in their military class vessels.

Some nice detailing on the underside, however this ship misses the boat as far as an SFC design. There is probably also no way that detailing would meet any tri-count limits.

To me, this ship most resembles an Amarr design from EVE Online.

Curious, do you mean over or under the limit?

Definitely Over. One more note, while the greebling is better than before, it still too uniform for me, meaning there is too much small scale detail. I feel if you mixed in some larger less busy areas to break up that greeble pattern you would get more surface interest at a distance.

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Looks like this:

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Gah, whoever made that EvE wallpaper failed at both kerning and basic typography… and they only had 3 words.

On-topic; really nice model, the bridge area is just perfect, but I kinda wish the rest of the ship matched it, the shell design doesn’t suit it and the underside is way too busy for my taste. That’s all personal preference tho.

Also, hand-rails? really? :expressionless:

Muphry’s Law strikes again? That’s an EVE wallpaper, not Environment versus Environment.

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Actually, i didn’t! LOL =P Thx for the hint.))