New ideas and suggestions for developing the game

I thought a good idea to help our friends game creators with ideas they may find interesting in the development of the game. So if you have a good idea to post here!

My idea is we let them tell us what they’re doing before we suggest they change or add to it.

They’re still in the process of getting the forums back up and working, give them at least a COUPLE minutes to catch their breath.


Lol, my thoughts exactly. But at this point I kinda want them to hold back until the KS, and surprise us with all the new stuff they’re adding to the game.

Its kind of like, I know its good for them to wait, I know we shouldn’t rush them, but whenever anything new comes out I rip it to shreds, watching it over and over, and wanting more… lol.

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Eventually there will be an Infinity Battlescape Category here on the forums to discuss the game. We’re just not at that stage yet.

I posted there all ready INGene

It would be awesome if you guy’s could be more involved with the community after the kickstarter.
Maybe host a stream on twitch every week or every other week to hang out with the community and talk about updates of the current game status and do questions and answers.
Doing this while the kickstarter is happening could be huge and… well free publicity for infinity. Personally I think the stream would EXPLODE and 1000’s of viewers who never even heard of infinity would be throwing money at the screens, while at the same time allow for everyone who has thrown money to see and be involved with its development.

I’m sorry if my topic seems very early, but before posting I asked Flavien Brebion on twitter if open to new ideas and he told me that could be posted on the forum. But can close the topic if it is not interesting to you. When convenient create again. Sorry for my english, but this is not my native language.

That’s alright, you’re already a lot better than many native speakers.


Are you guys pretty much settled on the item/ship systems or are you interested in my ideas on that?
… btw are you hiring a systems designer? :grin: No i don’t have 40 years of field experience.

We are still designing the ship systems but I’m afraid we’re going to keep that process internal. We will provide more information regarding the design of the game immediately prior to the launch of the Kickstarter.

Is that still going to be November or has the date changed.

We’re going to have more info in November but it looks like the Kickstarter will likely be pushed back to early next year. We are however planning on a special content release to make up for it. More information coming over the next few weeks =).

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That made me think actually. Do you guys happen to know what time of year gaming Kickstarter campaigns tend to succeed more frequently? I’m guessing that KS campaigns are more successful post-Christmas (January/February) than in the Christmas run-up, but I don’t know if there’s data to verify that.

No idea, all I know is our current goal is to get it out in time for GDC.

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Ah, right. That sounds pretty sensible to me! :wink:

[quote=“INovaeKeith, post:15, topic:18, full:true”]No idea, all I know is our current goal is to get it out in time for GDC.[/quote]Focus on GDC then! If you guys make it and can have a good presentation i predict you guys will win a few awards and can totally be “Best of Show”. I’m not fanboying, just being realistic! :grin:

That’s five days away only! eeek

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