New here! i have few questions

i just backed infinity battlescape with 60$ pledge.
so i know some content for beta supporters will be available in september 2017.
is it than when i will be able to download game?
from where i would download game?
i pledged and i would like to know what next to expect, is it subscription model or did i bought complete game with 60$,
i also saw game could be released somewhere in 2018, is that still active?
thank you!

It’s a complete game at release, so no worries there.

//edit, complete as in a one time purchase*

thanks for the reply!

As a Beta supporter you will be able to download the game once we release it for Beta testing which will hopefully be sometime this coming autumn. As @bikkebakke mentioned you have purchased the full game + perks and there is no additional fee unless you decide you want to upgrade your pledge at some point. The game will most likely be released sometime in early 2018.

awesome, thank you for reply!
game looks great and i like offline solo feature and workshop will be implemented.

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