Need help, game keep crashing! (solved)

So each time I’m trying to play the game it crash.
I’ve already try to desactivate my firewall and my anti-virus, but it still crash.
Here is the log :

Seems like it crashes because you are running out of video memory.
Is it correct that your video card only has 2gb of vram?
If that’s the case you need to lower textures to minimum. See if that helps.


how can I do ?
I can’t acces the settings through the game, and I don’t know where is the location of the file containing the video settings.

Sorry I was wrong its another isssue.
You have this error:

Try updating your graphics driver.


yeah it’s been a while since I haven’t updated it.
Thanks for you’r help and have a nice day

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You can launch the game with “-launcher” on the command line ( or create a shortcut to the .exe with that as the argument ), or if you’re using the Steam version, right-click on the game -> Properties -> General tab: Set launch Options -> enter “-launcher” in the field. Then start the game and on the left side, reduce the quality level to “low”.


thanks for the indications, I wasn’t expecting a reply from the cofounder.
It’s always nice to see the devs responding to player who are struggling.