Need Help! 4x Strategy Game!

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Looks good. You don’t need money and you don’t need to resort to spam.

What’s going on here? Did OP delete their post? I can only see Indicable’s comment.

I can confirm that there is no op.

If it’s the case that OP deleted their post after someone having already replied to it, then I suggest, providing it is possible with Discourse, to simply hide their post content rather than hiding the whole post.

In fact, now that I look deeper, it seems that when a post is “flagged as temporarily hidden”, the system adds the “hidden” class to the post row in the DOM, effectively hiding it. Without this class, the post will be visible but the content will still be censored.

I wonder if there’s some setting in the forum configuration to set deleted posts as hidden.

It was an advertisement for an IndieGogo campaign. I reported the topic, so I think a moderator has reacted. There’s no place for spam like this around here. I-Novae Studios has spent many years with this project. Despite it not even being near release, Infinity has a large fanbase and strong acknowledgement for solid reasons. I think a lot of crowdfunding campaigners need to wisen up before they stride in their delusions. If I can remember properly, the campaign advertised was asking for $120,000 and it didn’t look like much for what they asked (it was a silly little Unity game).


Just looked it up.

I was FAR off.

$0 USD
Raised of $1,250,000 Goal

This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed. Yeah it was spam and the flagging system just removed the OP. I probably should’ve just deleted the whole thread but since there’s actual conversation here I’ll just locked it.