Natural point track ir pro 5


how do I enable my track ir?

it does not seem to work?

I know some people got it worked by using a third-party tool and assigning the head angles to SetViewPitch / SetViewYaw, but it’s a workaround. There’s no official support for TrackIR yet.

what is the third-party tool to get track ir working?

You need to use one of the open source or other alternative softwares
I can recommend open track.
and you will have to use virtual joystick as an output.
For that you have to get virtual joy software there is more then one.
I recommend UJR (universal joystick remaper) package. This is utility that allows you to do all kind of wild things with your devices. And it has Vjoy coupled with it i believe.
And UJR is useful because Battlescape does not allow for more then two devices (if you for instance use 1- your headtracking 2- joy 3-throttle 4-pedals or whatnot …you need to use UJR)
But some like x52 are system wise connected as one device, so if you just want to use hotas and head tracking you should be good just with some vjoy driver.
Oh and before you install vjoy…be warned ! its installation is equivalent of you grabbing your usb joystick and other connectors and just randomly swapping their places.
Some games have settings saved differently then others i believe it is due to some using device identifiers and don’t mind this too much, and some use just device numbers and are confused by this.
And some are confused even with idetifiers :slight_smile: For example DCS does use identifiers but it is confused by this anyway.
Did i mentioned it is kinda messy ? :rofl:
So you might loose some hair before you finish.
And be forced to remap all your settings for all your games and for all planes ! in case of dcs…yeah