NASA internships/opportunities and other cool science events to attend

i couldn’t find a thread where this could fit in.

i know a few of you are still going to school and probably are looking for places to work or for references. i have two friends who have interned at NASA and they had passed this along to me if they knew anyone who would be interested. i figured there might be students, or even just people, in general interested in what there is to offer.

there are also some opportunities for scholars, too.

i figure we could make a thread that has these sort of opportunities, or at least post when neil degrasse tyson is traveling for talks, or whether or not there could be a cool event in your area or any other areas surrounding that many of us would like to attend.

if this is been posted, notify me and i will delete.


Yes Yes YES!! I’m getting my Masters in aerospace engineering right now and I would do unspeakable things for a NASA internship. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at NASA - some people say it’s great, others say it sucks, but I’ll never know for myself unless I try.

I’ve tried applying before but I didn’t get one. I was also an undergrad at the time. This time around I have work experience and, soon, research experience under my belt and a whole host of fields that I’m interested in. My only problem is getting letters of rec from professors. I don’t feel like I’ve “connected” with any of my previous professors well enough to ask them for a letter of rec, so that’s really holding me back.

If your friends have any advice for overcoming this, I would greatly appreciate it!

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