Name change request

Hi there!

In the days of yore, 8 years give or take, I did not think much of my forum name, in desperation to have an account as my then common names were taken I resorted to my last name.

Today, seeing as this some what questionable decision still linger to this day, invokes involuntary moments of facepalmage. And I dare say that seeing through my sweaty hands is difficult at times. That and excessive alt-tabbing have a tendency to promote a rather tingling sensation as a hand shaped red mark across my face is induced as my hand slaps back.

So I wonder, would it be possible to change my nick to something more… Discreet and less formal/naive?
I have a selection that I commonly use these days if it can only be done behind the scenes. Ranked by order of preference:

Euklides Diophant

As a non-scandinavian I have to say that Albinsson sounds like a perfectly reasonable fantasy name. :grinning:


As much as Euklides probably might sound awfully dorky to a greek as it may be a common name there.

Its my tender face I am worried about, and the deep sigh I make every time I get reminded about my decision. ^^

Dude… My account name is TheBrickWall, instead of my usual Megarith. Mistakes were made by everyone. But I understand where you’re coming from. Although I don’t think this is the easiest way to go about this.


It’s ofcourse only a request if it is relatively simple and quick to fix.

If i knew that this account would not be possible to name change when I was logging in for some kickin’-and-startin’ the mistake would ofcourse never been made.

The alternative would be to make a new account and transfer the pledge, but that sounds more complicated to me.

Currently you can pick your name freely when starting the game client. You can choose whatever you like. I don’t know if this will stay that way but maybe its a bit of solace.

I did use the forum change to drop an username - I had wanted to change it for the same reasons, but at the time (and apparently still now) the devs were simply too busy actually working on the project, so I didn’t insist.
I’ll forever regret loosing my subscription date, though…


Oh a slightly different note, anyone know how to get your pledge title to show up above your name?

As I noticed looking and depressingly clicking at my name in the settings up to the right (Click the image icon, then the little cog that comes with the drop down menu). there you should be able to select it under title.