Name Change question

If I go into the forum settings and change my “Name” (not User Name). Will that name push over to my account on the main site ( If so, how long does it take? Or do I need to request one of the Devs update it?

No it won’t, it’s currently not possible to change your name.

Is it planned to eventually allow our names to be updated in the account section? When I created my account, it picked up the character name I made here and now I think I might want to use my real name at some point instead. Its not a big deal, but it would be cool to be able to do that someday.

I would suggest that you change your email linked to your account and then create a whole new account under your primary email address. There’s only one problem; I don’t think you can currently change your Inovae email.

Therefore you can either stick with this account or create a new account under a different email address.

I hope starting over isn’t the only way to get my Full Name pushed over to the Name field in my account. After all, we are all just entries in a database table…

This is the Name I want to change, highlighted in yellow (not my User Name):

You can change your name. You cannot change your username.

You can change your “Name” in the forum user settings on the top right. Click your avatar and then the gear symbol.

My mistake. Your Inovae name is permanent like Keith said earlier. You can change your forum name though but that’s the extent of any name changing.

Your real name in our master database currently cannot be changed. It’s on the TODO list for your account profile page but I admit at the moment it’s pretty low in terms of prioritization. The website will get fully refined before the game is shipped to retail - that’s the only timeline I can provide at the moment.

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