My username is too short to log into the client

Hey guys

I’m kinda glad that I’m one of the first users to create an account here, and that I was able to grab my usual handle.

Now I’m having the problem though that I can’t log into the Game client with the 3 character handle, as the form invalidates everything below 4 chars (I guess you revamped your policy at some point without migrating old users? :P)


Any help here? I’d really love to keep this short handle ._.

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I solved it: Adding a space made everything become valid lol

I hope you keep this functionality, and I hope I was able to help some of the other guys with short userhandles :wink:


Yeha, good that you found out. Some other 3 letter peeps also had this problem:

fortunately the sauce didn’t spoil the pasta

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it.

In my personal opinion, I feel like you can just leave the space functionality.

I mean, lets be real here. I need to add space to get into space :smiley:

Edit: relevant xkcd ;D