My Game Goal Gameplay Ideas

Each faction has an ARK a giant ship capable of long distance jumps, It is their home base and if it is destroyed their faction is eliminated and those who remain can choose to join either of the other factions until there is only 1 ARK left the victor.

ARKS are AI controlled they appear in the world at game start in a variety of different start locations throughout the solar system. They remain at that location and players spawn at the ark , Your goal is to protect it and destroy your opponents ARK

The ARK has its own turrets and weapons making it extremely difficult to destroy without larger ships.

Resource Points

There are numerous resource heavy locations throughout the solar system, these points need to be captured and built upon. The team that builds upon the location generates resources to spend on new ships and equipment. However the raw resources need to be processed, players will have to build a factory nearby to process resources gathered in the area. A resource point generates 2 types of resource, res and pres, res is used by the team to build structures and is shared and pres is used by the players to build ships and is personal.

Support Ship Type

At the start of the game players can choose between the standard combat orientated ship and the support (tug, constructor) ship, the support ship is less armed and manouverable but it can build things within the system such as resource points and factories. These ships are essential in order for a team to progress to higher ship types. These ships can also aid by repairing both structures and other player and npc ships.

Structures (Some examples)


Factory, the factory comes in 2 types planetary and orbital, the orbital factory is more costly to build but can be used to process ores found off planet. the planetary factory is cheaper but can only be built in a suitable location and is better suited to processing resource found on a planet.

Ship Yard

The Ship yard is an orbital and allows you to change your ship from your current 1 to any you can afford, Usually you would have to interact with your ARK to do this but a ship yard allows you to do this wherever it is built, The Ship Yard also has Turrets mounted to it providing some support against enemy vessels approaching.

Recruitment Station

The recruitment station is an orbital, It provides basic fire support for any incoming enemy ships in the area, also non affiliated ships (players whose ARK was destroyed) may interact with a recruitment station to join that stations faction.

Sensor Array

The Sensor Array is a costly Orbital, it will track the movements of ships in the area and feed that information to all ships within its range in its faction.

How the game plays

Each faction spawns at their ARK, they then Either remain in their current starting ship or change it by interacting with their ARK, the ARK slowly generates resource and each faction starts with a chunk of resource to get them started.

Players then fly out in groups constructiong extractors and factories to convert those materials, AI ships fly between these locations transfering the resource.

Players will also attempt to attack and destroy other factions ai ships and extractors in order to slow down their advancement and allow them to build extractors in those areas themselves.

Eventually players will progress to larger and larger ships, build better sensors and discover the location of enemy factions ARK ships. they will then assault those locations with capital ships in an attempt to wipe them from the game.

Neat sounding game. What engine are you planning on making it in?

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Its how i would like infinity to work :), but with mod support anything is possible.

Some interesting ideas, but as it stands Battlescape (Infinity is the franchise, Battlescape is the game) will only have support for base building if $1.5 million is raised, and even mod support will require $800k, but we’ll see how post-Kickstarter funding goes.

Also, the use of the term ARK is just too close to ARK: Survival Evolved (though perhaps not so much a couple years from now).

Also also, Naiba probably assumed this was a separate game idea because it was posted in the General category instead of Battlescape, the latter of which should be used for all discussion about the game in particular. Just a tip for the future.

Im confident infinity will hit 1 million after the kickstarter, i think as more is released about the game the more interest there will be as progress is made.

To not have some form of resource management beyond capture and hold though would be a mistake imo.

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The ARK was actually in the combat prototype years ago, as the capital ship.
That was your spawn point, and if it was destroyed, the round was over.

I expect @Naiba was fully aware of the OP’s meaning, and his response was subtly sarcastic.

Well then, no need to bash each other this soon :smile:

If I understand correctly, what you describe, @ihategigamo, is what the dev team plans for I:B. Most of it, anyway.

Are you talking about the kraken battleship?

‘subtle sarcasm’ was lame so I’ve gone over your post again and written up some of my thoughts on your suggestions relating to the base game (no stretch-goals).

The whole problem with a ‘Single Main Base’ idea is that you run the risk of bogging the game down around those three points and ignore everything else. It also means that the last fight of every single match ever played is going to be ‘attack the base ship’.

Would much rather have free-flowing battles centred around player capital ships and a huge number of fixed installations each giving your team different tactical advantages. Having every match play out differently is pretty vital to a fun, lasting and replayable experience.

Although I’m not a fan of the ARC idea, the thought of having player capital ships (like carriers) being spawn points for strike-craft would be cool. I’m assuming that’s already planned right now. At least I hope it is. :wink:

Not too sure about letting players join a different team after their team looses (outside of temporary alliances). It’s my understanding that the entire point of having three teams was to stop the game crawling to a stalemate. What to do with players from a faction that gets wiped out should probably be decided on playtesting to see what works and what doesn’t.

…Your idea about joining the game as a non-combatant and teaming up with a faction in-game rather than by a pre-match menu screen is an interesting one. It was cool seeing Sub Rosa do this, although using ‘civilians’ to spy and scout can be a tad exploitable. I’d approve if it could be done well.

Everything else you talked about would be subject to funding goals.

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No idea honestly,

But I remember when the biggest ship in your fleet was destroyed, it was curtains.

I’m somewhat glad I wont be in the Developer Access tier and not have to engage in these types of threads, this is so 2009. :wink:


Ah gawd I hope the dev access forum won’t be like this.

Dev access forum should be what they’re meant for: discussing current state of the game. Suggestions should strictly be about current features, not what everyone whises for, unless the dev ask for our opinion.