My friends; I know is too early to ask/talk about this but…

I’ve taken some time, watching some videos of the (Alpha) version on YouTube… in general, I only see «developers/players», attacking «space stations & land bases»… the game is very ‘fast paced’; situations, actions, missions; should take more time, to prepare and execute. Are the developers aiming, for a gameplay of (30m/60m) only, game session?

  • Fleets don’t act like fleets… a carrier should be accompanied by support ships; cruiser and fighters
  • The Carrier should launch fighters on «CAP» missions, around the fleet; area patrols missions, to detect enemy activity
  • Fighters should be assigned, to escort cargo ships, ensuring their survivability
  • Attack missions should involve «packages»; bombers escorted by fighters

Also, the ships ‘die’ very fast… what about some «good old style» dogfights, between small ‘fighter ships’. Combat between an experienced pilot ‘player/AI’, could and should take more time… «military doctrine»; a fighter doesn’t go alone; a package of «leader/wingman» is the worldwide air forces, 1st rule…

  • Green planets don’t have vegetation; they could have more trees; miles and miles of forest landscape
  • No cities or settlements on habitable planets; these planets should not be barren, of human life

I presume that when the game goes gold, the developers will play it and release, needed patches. Are there some paid/free add-ons planed?
Why I asked this? Looking at the «Infinity Battlespace» trailer I miss…

  • ATC or should I say STC… ships could/should ask, for landing/take off permission
    (voice acting) 1:15
  • Big land bases full of life and air traffic, all around
    Hypothetical (Planet Earth) 1:40
  • Taking off from Earth, passing the Moon and landing on Mars, on a cargo mission
    Hypothetical (Sol System) 2:20
  • Gorgeous industrial cockpits
    (Photo real 80’s movies vibe cockpits) 2:30
  • Lots of space ships traffic, near the station and AI communication
    (AI radio chatter) 2:50
  • Emergency situation… takes time to get out
    (A slower paced game) 3:20
    Chaotic moment but «slower game speed»
    (everything could be slower) 3:40

As a last regard…
Only one player controlling, the smallest to the biggest ship?!?

  • Interceptor (1 player) (1) Piloting and fighting
  • Bomber (2 players) (1) Piloting and fighting (2) Ttorpedo run and defensive
  • Corvette (3 players) (1) Piloting and fighting (2) Offensive (3) Defensive
  • Destroyer (4 players) (1) Piloting and fighting (2) Copilot support (3) Offensive (4) Defensive
  • Cruiser (6 players) (1) Piloting and fighting (2) Copilot support (3) Offensive (4) Offensive support (5) Defensive (6) Defensive support
  • Carrier (8 players) Piloting and fighting (2) Copilot support (3) Offensive (4) Offensive support (5) Defensive (6) Defensive support (7) Fleet coordination (8) Air wing commander & Space wing commander - fighter ships

*Also; it would be so great to take off from a planet on a cargo ship; land on another planet, rich on resources and being capable… gear down/land and get out of the ship, as 1st person… survey and collect resources for the factories…

Kind regards to all,

**missions: attack, bomb, escort, intercept, cap, tarcap, sead, sar, cargo… a more ‘slower’ game speed…

Okay, this sounds like you want to play No Man’s Sky :grin:

As to your other points, I could go into detail, but I will keep it short. A lot of the stuff you describe will come a lot later, either during Beta or even as post-release patches (depending on success). We are still in Alpha phase and working out the core gameplay!

Recently, a few of us have agreed that ships die too fast. Also, your comments about different ship roles are exactly what we’re currently testing, though I-Novae still need to implement more objectives. In the next patch, we should have NPC haulers to protect / destroy.

There is a long way to go, and I’m sure other people will respond to your other points.

It is heartening to see your enthusiasm for the game and please keep thinking of ideas! The great thing about I-Novae is that they listen and consider feedback - but keep it focused and realistic. They are a very small team with limited money.


Hello. Thank you for your reply. I know that, «everything» takes its time… these were only some suggestions… following the example of ED; let’s make a good/stable «base game» then… some «add-ons» to consider…


*SOL System «test area» maybe?