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Well this place has changed lots… I’ve not logged in here for the longest time. It looks like this project developed stronger directions.

Anyway, if anyone from the old days are still around, you may know me as one of the guy who dumped a bunch of my random music during the contribution days. I disappeared from music making for the longest time because I have a daytime software dev job which actually pays for my meals :smile:. But, I recently had a bit of extra time and decided to redo the original “Theme” I had contributed, this spawns off the first theme, not my subsequent one (which I had already done another version 2 of).

This one changes up the chords a bit to make it less “happy” (for lack of a better term) without making it dark… all while keeping the original theme.

I’ll make it available for download in the coming weeks after I’ve worked out some kinks. Was also wondering if I can steal some artwork here to use for the soundcloud image and any recommendations?



I would love to make some music contributions. I’ve been a musician for the past 7 years playing in school bands. Any tips?

Also, good song. +1

Hi Kaiyoti, welcome back. Still have all your old tracks on my hard drive somewhere.

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I’m by no means an expert, but my humble tip would be to motivate yourself to learn the technologies behind music making today, midi, sequencers, synthesizers, samplers, fx, etc. It can be daunting but it’s IMO, what matters most with digital music.

Good times, I still have all of them (I think) on my website which might not last long since I will be decommissioning my webhost in favor of cheaper storageless hosting.

Me too (along with some other Infinity tracks). Welcome back! Always enjoyed your tracks.Any chance you could re-post some of those old tracks into the new forums? :wink:


Really nice. Also, you can possibly replace “happy” with “enthusiastic” or “lyrical” maybe :slight_smile:

I don’t like the end though: the bass comes out of nowhere too strongly. Maybe it should be present alongside the few last “piano” keystroke, at which point I would be “acceptable” to be this loud as a final note.

I see part of this track being used in an in-game montage when the player’s ship first arrives at an important location like the main fleet or the capital world or something.

I was under the impression the contribution system is not in place anymore with dedicated staff members so this wasn’t intended to be a contribution. I just thought I’d like to share the tune with folks who recognize the theme. Unfortunately I most likely won’t have time to dedicate to more.

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I want this on my iPod. Really good!

I just listened to all your songs on SoundCloud. I want them all!

The old version is still on my “the bunch of great choices for mp3 player” folder, so thank you for this one in particular and all the other ones you have made. It’s great to hear your new work again!

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@Alphastorm I once had the intention of distributing my tunes on iTunes, but there’s a lot of hoops to jump through for a Canadian citizen. I actually have all of it uploaded to Google Play Music but never published because I felt this wasn’t album quality.

@ThornEel Yah the old one is definitely still one of my personal favorites.

I would like to spend more time to rearrange/redo some old tracks simply because back in the days, I “mastered” a lot of the old tracks from $10 speakers and gaming headphones, they often weren’t balanced so all my old tunes sounds like they had something boosted. I’ve since upgraded all my gear include the sound sets and designed tons more sounds.