Multiple Targeting To Aid Escorting etc

I don’t know if this has been discussed but it occurred to me it would be useful to have two different targeting systems.

  1. could be used for targeting a friend in order to stay in fixed/chase/match formation with them while at the same time -
  2. could be used for targeting an enemy at the same time.

So it would be possible to target a friend for formation purposes, at the same time as targeting an enemy with weapons.

This would mean, you could fly in a loose formation with allies while also having the lead reticle for enemy ships and also be able to target them with torpedoes/missiles.

This would be useful and interesting for smaller ships escorting capitol ships for example - something I have tried manually which lead to this thought of how useful some assistance would be with the process from the ships computer in game.

I think it could be done in a fairly intuitive way, by toggling an option on or off to enable this feature.


We’ve considered it, but it required adding a new set of keys ( or alts to existing keys ) which would make the game more complex, so we weren’t convinced. However if we get more feedback that it’d be a useful feature to have, we could certainly add it.