Modding as Recruitment?

I had a thought. If you had a enough good modders create content for Battlescape, you’ve essentially created a community of people who can program for your engine. It would be a great place to recruit future team members for I-Novae, growing the team with time so that bigger projects are feasible.

It cuts down on training when someone can already use the software. So, if there was any feature that I’d suggest really reaching for, it is modding.

Modders who create excellent graphical mods would be highly valuable. Also, anyone who manages to make innovations on the procedural engine, making more planetary variation and improving the feel of planets would be highly useful to making a game like TQFE.


I am waiting for the modding, I want to get my hands dirty on this engine. Got a lot of ideas.

Edit : Examples.

Planet Doom (Creating a hellish planet representing the doom world, FPS).
Real Time Strategy.
Terra forming, making a planet habitable.

these are some of the ideas I have, though it all depends on whats achievable, I hope they give good enough access in modding.

Well, (I think) the I-Novae team is made up of people who were part of the old forums and loved the project enough to dedicate much of their time and resources to it. So I find what you are suggesting highly likely.

That would definitely work. :rocket: