Minor Miscellaneous Forum Bugs

Pinned topics are not pinned on the main forum page.

On Opera 23.0:

When Operas Autofill features puts in my Login Data into the appropriate fields on the Inovae Main Page the “Log In” button stays greyed out. Only when manually editing the fields does the button turn klickable.

Is the reply feature working lately, I keep replying to posts and there is no indication that the post is a reply?

For instance this is a reply to @Lomsor post above.

Seems it only shows up if you reply to a specific post that isn’t the last one.

I have the same issue. The Enter key works, though.

After Thorn’s reply post, my reply is listed.

Might be a minor bug.

Also there is two distinct reply indicators, one shows the user avatar with a reply arrow, while the other is putting the reply in the original post…

Not a bug, but I didn’t want to bump an older thread.

Discourse seems to be running significantly faster for me after this latest update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes. Everything from page load to interaction popups to the post menu is reacting a lot faster then it used to have. Feels definitely a lot better.

A last post edit seems to trigger an “activity” update on the main page, is this a feature, should it be?

It seems to be a feature as it only works on the last post of a topic. It allows users to bump a thread with new info without doubble posting.

Last week or two topics only have the Original Poster and Most Recent Poster attributed to them on the main page.

I had noticed that. Also in the topic map (the bit under the first post) it says only ‘1 users’ have participated.

I’m guessing Keith is going to update to the latest version soon. Discourse recently went to version 1.1. We’re on

Yeah I need to do an update, there’s been quite a few bug fixes.

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oh, so thats what that was.

By the way, it’d be nice if the forum would stop logging me out.

Yeah I’m considering removing that as it annoys me too haha.

Bringing back up the issue I have within my computer which is displaying certain images incorrectly. As shown, you can clearly see when comparing Gene and Flavien’s profile images that one is extra light while the other is extra dark. The weird part is when I save those two images and then view them, the brightness for each are displayed accurately. The graphics card I am using is up to date. Any advice would be appreciated.

Note: This is not a forum bug.

Does this also happen with other browsers?

I’m using Opera that also runs Chromium and when I tested it yesterday it worked fine. Both looked accurate and not like your picture.

I use Chrome for both desktop and mobile. Those images look identical on each device. Since you brought it up, I tried Firefox on my phone and Gene’s image was accurate. It was not faded white. Flavien’s looked the same so that tells me his is not a problem whatsoever. The only issue now seems to be Gene’s image on Chrome browser.

Is that update incoming anytime soon?

Does anybody else have the issue where they do not get an email after they’ve been replied to? I have that box checked in my preferences so I don’t know what the deal is with it.