Meme Factory - Manufacturing Space Boners

Meme Factory - Manufacturing Space Boners

As we know from the Reddit wizardry of @TARS even a small thing can bring the project tens of thousands of $. We need to replicate that phenomenon… Several times.

This is a thread for actively seeking innovative ways to bring the gospel of Infinity: Battlescape to the masses. Let’s manufacture memes and themes that break the internet!

Suggest high profile targets here and let’s find a way together to tickle them the right way. Be it a meme or a twitter post or an invasion of certain forums.

Here’s a quick example of what can easily be done with few minutes of Photoshop and a good idea:

Thanks for @Lomsor and @JonnyRedHed for help.

Edit: And here’s the reply:


Off topic:

And while you are at it, please up vote this comment on the Cinemassacre subreddit.


Retweeted :slight_smile:


Actually that’s not the one you tweeted… you tweeted the one with the red outline around Infinity Battlescape!


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I was supposed to tweet this one. Blast. So the red got in :confused:

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Delete and start again?..

Not sure if it’s that important. Wouldn’t he see the deleted version anyway?

I have no idea. I don’t use twitter.

Neither do I, but this is an exception :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, I saw this on twitter first, ha!

I’m assuming this means you guys are excited or something… :slight_smile:


Did you re-tweet? :wink:


I rate this highly

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Damn, just when I deleted my twitter account :frowning:

Got a reply, bu no re-tweet. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL is he being held hostage in The Cube?

You guys do know why he is not at home right now, right?

That his father just passed away.

And why pushing him to get home quickly so that he can do a video for Battlescape might come off the wrong way…


Wow, that brings it into context. Yes, it’s best not to bother him until he can return.

From his recent activity it would rather seem like he has been on some sort of robot tech related event. Are you sure he is still returning from the funeral? Cos that would indeed make this a dick move :confused:

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I assumed you knew that …

Maybe send him a tweet telling him that you didn’t know that and that you just know heard from it.

That’s a pinned tweet from Sep 11 but judging by his response to you he is / was in London, rather than still in Scotland.