Mass Effect Andromeda

Just started playing, so here are some teazer in game screen shots: Spoiler screenshots Spoiler screenshots Spoiler screenshots

I’m loving it so far.


You need to wrap that in a spoiler, week left…

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From all the info that goes around this title now. I think ill wait for some patched up version. Year or two later.
TotalBiscuit made really great analysis of its problems.
If developers take his criticism and fix most glaring issues…which most of them seem fixable.
I might buy it. But not right now. Seems bit rushed.
Some aspects look amazing …others not so.
Ill wait am patient.

We as a players are lucky to have people like him. People that are just too influential to be ignored.

Huh. I’m a bit surprised how positive he is compared to other reviewers, but that in turn mightbe because of the wave of negativity that others may have ridden up until the game’s launch.

It is a good game, but it’s not perfect. In certain respects it feels a lot closer to Dragon Age: Inquisition than previous Mass Effect games, both in part because of the engine they share, but also how they integrate game mechanics with the story and plot progression. As TB points out, this is one of the things Andromeda in particular actually does really well. For a first solo outing, it’s understandable how the game appears a bit rushed, and it certainly does look that way where there are some issues, or a few poor UI/UX choices, or the now well-documented animation issues.

The past ME animation lead was commenting recently that it’s clear to him they ran out of time to cover all the necessary animations.

Stay tuned for the “Forget You Saw That Other Version This Is The Game Now For Realseys” DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m loving MEA, seriously have no idea what the negativity is about, I do however use subtitles and don’t even see the crappy animations.

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Yeah i was at first too. But how he talked about it i too got influenced by all the negative reviews out there.
It does sway you slightly if you dont have your own experience.
I really liked how he broke it all down.
…just hoping it wont end up like Alpha protocol that i waited to get polished. :-/

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Ah man, I loved Alpha Protocol too. It was janky as hell, but the game was still pretty damn solid. They should definitely revisit that franchise some day.

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Some more screens for those who don’t mind spoilers:

Spoiler screenshots
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There is the details tag…



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Edit: Don’t know if it’s just mobile or just me but this isn’t working properly. Works fine in the preview.


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Spoiler screenshots No actual screenshots here ...

Interesting. That’s not what gets inserted of you click the gear then hide details.

Square brackets worked fine before: The Expanse (TV show on Syfy)

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Yup am waiting a ±year…

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As for me, I loved 1, 2, and 3, but will probably continue to hold out until Andromeda comes down in price.


This explains a lot. I guess a lot of it was apparent from the game itself but its interesting to see what they were aiming for initially vs what was released.


Interesting. I played most of the way through before giving it a break for a while (other games entered my schedule), and I really don’t think it’s as bad as detractors constantly make out, especially after the patches. I’d be pretty sad if they use this as an excuse to permanently mothball the series


Last I read the Montreal studio is being “scaled down” and staff are being retasked, but I doubt it means the end of ME games. From the sounds of it, it was the choice of Frostbite that really put a spanner in the works. Hopefully that means they might try a more suitable option in the future. Or at a minimum make a spinoff series in another genre like RTS.

I don’t really want a genre spinoff, I want them to be able to complete their initial vision, or something close to it. The real thing hampering them was the crap toolset Frostbite comes with, true, but the engine was a good choice for the game they wanted to make. I think going down the procgen route was a bit ambitious at the time, and obviously didn’t work out for them.

I really don’t think the game was that bad as is. It just needs a bit more time spent on the story, much better animation work next time round, and to maintain a decent focus on the exploration aspect that makes the game interesting.

Also, a better multiplayer component, otherwise just get rid of the damn thing