Mafia Championship Invitation - Season 5

Just spoke to @Thingyman on Discord and we have once again been invited to the Mafia Championships.

Should we should pick a representative?
(Can only mention 10 people)


I’ll pass. The issue I have with these games is I get completely obsessed. Assuming I don’t get killed early they can last a month or so and I have a habit of surviving to the end, which means dedicating a months worth of my free time.

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Don’t look at me, I just run the games :wink:

How about @Cise @LucasFIN @Skyentist @NobleBrutus @LyskTrevise @TerranAmbass ?

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Don’t really have the time to get involved in a Mafia game at the moment unfortunately

Yeah I’m going to have to pass as well. Finals are just around the corner.


Busy all May unfortunately, could do June though. (June for any wolf game :wink: )

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Relaying some answers from @Thingyman:

As for myself. I’m not sure. Only really played Mafia with this community and there wasn’t any “training” lately … although that’s quite representative in a way.

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I have to second @The_Sane.

If I were to play I’d get sucked into it and I’m working on a project with a pretty hard deadline at the end of summer that I can’t afford to miss by daydreaming about wolf :frowning:

Life is too busy for me right now

I’ll play if nobody ‘better’ steps up.


I nominate @cybercritic to be sacrificed to the wolf gods


already preoccupied with another game competition + life, gotta pass

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I forgot this place existed. kek

An update on this, we have won our game and I lived to the end!

4 days, 3 wolves lynched, last one conceded. There are a few things that I noticed that stand out from our games.

  • They have a bot that handles the voting and apparently all communities that play regularly also have bots, maybe @inovaekeith can install us a plugin, there surely must be one for Discourse.
  • They play in the open, private messages between players that are not wolves are not allowed.
  • There is a minimum post count per day cycle.
  • Our wolves are hardcore, they have two mafia team setups and only one of those has a single wolf with a role.
  • Most players honored logic. :wink:
  • Our games use RP, the only RP there was end of day RP, but even that was not personalized.
  • They didn’t use environment play like we do.

@martindevans you are very hard on townies.


Congrats man! That’s awesome!

Could you elaborate on this? Do you mean just the fact that we have so many roles to mess things up.

I think the minimum post count would be a good rule to make moving forward. Not sure how I feel about no private messages but it could be interesting. Sort of makes playing as the wolf a bit less stressful because you don’t have to worry about the private scheming in addition to the public scheming.

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Well, we give wolves roles, which makes them even more powerful, also everything being in the open is actually better for humans, because there are no cloak and dagger alliances flying around. When everything human is out in the open, humans all need to make decisions with what everyone knows, so everyone argues and discusses with everyone, makes the game much more interactive and transparent.

Oh, one thing I forgot, they don’t have a medic role, with every death the alignment and role of the dead is announced, I mean martin is really tough on humans.

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Well played! :+1:

That would be pretty awesome, although I suspect it wouldn’t be able to handle the complex voting mechanics in play in our games. I might look into scraping posts from the thread and writing my own primitive vote counter.

I’ve considered including that rule. It’s impossible for me to enforce (especially with some players knowing each other IRL) but I think the crowd here would probably honour it. Maybe I’ll try that next game.

Definitely including that next game and enforcing it harshly. i.e. players eliminated as soon as they fall below the per-day requirement with no warning (which can waste a day).

I definitely include a lot of roles, both for innocents and wolves. There’s been general agreement whenever I have asked in the past that people like the amount of chaos I introduce into my games.

Also tbh it’s just more fun to watch games with lots of roles and cackle maniacally at the many conflicting plots coming together :wink:

You mean the subsystem type of stuff we’ve done in some games as a replacement to roles? I made that up myself so as far as I know that’s unique to how we play TWG.

Agreed, wolves win far too many of my games :frowning:

I could run a game with less roles, thoughts from any other players?

I plan to run another game quite soontm :smiley:


If we can get the players, I’m in.


Quite fun to watch the tournament game somewhere else.
Preemptive “I’m in” for next game.


Also pre-emptive i’m in

For what it’s worth, I enjoy the backchannelling, it makes wolf play a lot more interesting


I have the assumption that I’m a wolf in Martin’s games(because I have been for every game we’ve played but one) and let me tell you it makes me anxious just thinking about having to deal with it. I agree though it definitely adds to the game.