Lomsor's Case Con - The Pentagon

Similar to the thread I made quite some while ago

Start of this year I had the idea to build a passive phase change computer cooling build … the idea ran wild … it would look stupid on any commercially available computer case … so I decided to build my own computer case utilizing modern sheet metal manufacturing. A two in one project it has become.

The planing phase of the project is nearing completion and I’m hard at work to get the plans ready for production.

While this is going on I though I would like to ask you, my dear community friends, to help me design the paint scheme for the future Case Construction.

Me, being obsessed with geometric shapes, have themed this build around the shape of a Pentagon. The paint sheme should follow that, harsh geometric shapes. I like bright colours … so maybe we can throw some of those in too … I really like the work of Simon Stalenhag and would imagine something in that direction … more on that later …

The case will be steel sheets between 1 and 2 mm thickness with zinc galvanization. If anyone has experience painting that, I would like to hear some tips about that too … I plan to use simple tape and spray cans. (Including all the preparation like cleaning and grounding).

But enough talking … here have some renders:




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I honestly don’t have a lot of ideas for the paint scheme yet. I know I need some kind of finishing, as I definitely want to bring this piece to the German Case Modding Competition in August.

Plain matt colours intersected by plain matt lines would be my first idea … but I don’t know how or if it should work with the nice symetry I got going on …


I’m getting a space probe vibe from it. It would be cool to have a mirror chrome finish on the inner panel surrounding the 5.25" drive bays so it then reflects the triangular “shield” panels which could be a dark grey matt finish on the inner face and white on the outside. Give the outside of the shield some weathering effects like it’s been entering the atmostphere a few times and extend it along the corners :smiley:

Maybe add chrome gold on the feet or mesh to give it contrast and make it look more sciencey.

It looks so damn good as it is I wouldn’t even paint it, also more USB ports! And as Selbie said it looks very space probe like, you could even put this on it.


Well I thought about that too … don’t get deceived by the render though.

Hard decision. I could also switch to a different metal.

This is what it will look like:

I could also choose Aluminium Natural:

Or Chrome Steel:

I actually quite like steel galvanized.

But I feel like the competition will require me to up my game.

Here’s the website of the competition: DCMM

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Well then, I would go with the paintjob that’s the same as your render, clean, simple and classy.

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Have you considered anodising or plating? so that you get a nice lustre whilst retaining the metallic finish underneath.

Only go with galv. if you are after a rugged industrial theme.
That’s the most critical part of the winning designs I’ve seen on that site…a very clear theme.

Case in point: the ships in star citizen

The render is deceiving because the sheet metal is reflecting the surrounding, white, quite bright lighting, also the steel isn’t as textured as in real life as there wasn’t a fitting material … that’s why it looks so clean … it’s a good starting point for brainstorming though.

Well the design is inherently industrial. Sure I could let them anodize or powder coat every piece … but the geometry and non-changeable coloured pieces need to be considered.

I wasn’t considering any full colouring as I was expecting to multi colour the individual pieces. Making everything white or black isn’t much a changeup from leaving it as it comes from the factory in my opinion. Most other winning cases have at least a dual colour scheme. I could do it white and black maybe …

Some colours are already fixed and can’t be changed … so for instance these parts that will be part in the case most probably:


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The tones on that motherboard are pretty cool if you can achieve that mix. A mix of greys, copper and black/dark grey with orange highlights.

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Here’s a render of that idea … everything else white/cream (RAL9003), lighting is toned down compared to pervious renders:



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I don’t know if I can do that … weathering is something one needs skill to do … I nvever did anything like this, I don’t feel capable of weathering anything really.

It looks a little too bling for me. :stuck_out_tongue: White, maybe, gold eh … rather not.

I would tone down that gold into something a bit more neutral.

Yeah there’s too large an area for gold. Only use it sparingly such as a finish for the drive bays, or feet…something small. If you want to colour the mesh maybe try a charcoal grey or something else neutral?

I can’t find it right now but Adam Savages one-day build videos have good tips for simple weathering effects. It usually involves coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Adam Savages videos … it’s arcane magic and scares me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m usually very bad when it comes to executing something ctaftsman-isch on the first try … I won’t have many more.

Could you maybe post some images of how you imagine the weathering?

“Measure twice, cut once”! :smiley:
Just use some scrap to test on until you’re confident with a certain technique.

Edit: It’s harder than I thought to find the image in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a VERY extreme version of what I’m thinking

More like an engine exhaust /smoke streak on the old warplanes

This is one of Adams videos I was thinking of
Instead of black paint, you could use a much lighter grey oil or acrylic paint so that it doesnt make a strong black mark. You could also test out rubbing some blue shades or metallic paints to get different highlights. I guess it also depends if you want it to look brand new or aged.

Remember to layer things on in small amounts instead of piling on too much and having to reverse it somehow.

Sooo …

Thanks for all the Input. I went ahead and decided to go for a futuristic, clean look. After lots of preperation and a weekend of work the painting is done and I’m incredibly satisfied:

Some more pics:

Test assembly:

Paints I ordered:

Had to buy like an additional 5 cans of white paint … totally underestimated …

Double side painting on the door segments:

White done:

Orange done:



Looking pretty sweet!

Betcha can’t wait to put it together. :wink:

Are you going to clear coat it for protection or something?

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Honestly I just want to sleep now. :grin:

The paint should be pretty resistant to all forms of influence. I won’t have it outside anyway and all instructions mentioned the paint I used as last layer, not suggesting any more treating of the surface.

The orange really makes the white brighter then it actually is. It’s great. :smiley: Super happy, as long as it isn’t starting to fall off, I did all the necessary treatment of the surface (with the special zinc surface “etcher” (orange bottle)), hope that was enough.


This is really cool, @Lomsor. Keep us updated.


Hello Everyone.

I will be participating in the German Case Modding Championship (DCMM) this weekend at GamesCom!

If you happen to be at GamesCom this weekend come over and say hello. DCMM is in Hall 10 - Stand E-060.

My case is the one from above.

No fotos sadly … as I was working every free minute for the last two weeks but I’ll promise I’ll post some after the event.


Good luck with the championship Lomsor :slight_smile: :vulcan:


DCMM 2016

was great.
There was a great interest in my case from both visitor as well as other participants and a lot of compliments. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Definitely a great experience, even if the jury didn’t award my creation.

Machine built or bought components are judged as neutral. My case definitely stood out and was uniquie in its way but the fact that I’ve built most of the case out of machine cut pieces probably made me not hit the 3rd place in the CaseCon category. I wasn’t there to win anyway, I just wanted a deadline to finish this huge timesink. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exhibitor pass for GamesCom was cool too. ;)

More Impressions from DCMM 2016

(Yes the ones shot with my phone are shit … my phone camera somehow gets worse every month … :frowning: )