@Lomsor ThrottletoAxis.py

Hi Lomsor

sorry to ask you here, but i find no other way.
I am a Flight Simulation Player with SpaceMouse pro

I read your Workarounds for JoystickGremlin here:

i can`t download the ThrottletoAxis.py

you still have the script for download?

Greets Olaf


Hey Olaf!

A fellow Space Mouse Pro user! Yayyyy. Nice to meet you.
I have been playing Infinty: Battlescape with Space Mouse Pro and Mouse for quite a few years now.

What’s your setup like and why do you need that workaround for the Space Mouse that doesn’t have a throttle?

I have updated my server yesterday. It seems something is broke. Let me fix …
Yes for some reason my webserver was not running. After a restart it works now.

Download my Plugin here: Right Click and Save As

If you are interested I have written a FreePie script for my setup. It is quite specific to I:B and mouse and SpaceMouse Pro though.

Thx Lomsor :slight_smile: