Logitech X56 hotas


In the controls tab is see input profile with a drop down menu , witch input profile do I select? im using the x 56


Hi @Laserxray I saw your post about Track IR as well, you’ll likely get more of a response on this from members in our Discord channel. https://discord.gg/zvrgdM there’s an invite link for you, head on over and see if they can assist.

I’ll also raise your questions with the rest of the team.

There’s no official profile for the X56 yet, only the T16000M.

It’s possible to make your own profile, there’s a profile editor included in the launcher dialog. It’s a bit of work though, especially as it’s not integrated into the in-game menus yet.

I selected T.Flight.hotas.x , cleared all, and start redoing key bindings, I had difficulty with pitch, but figured it out, pitch and yaw axis has to be set in (virtual navigation cursor flight mode).

My mini stick on main stick is use to look around, I tried track ir but it does not work.

This game looks so amazing, runs well on a 2080ti,
keep up the good work


Thank you !

If you end up with a fully functional profile, please send it to us, so that we can include it in a future patch for other users with the same device, thanks :wink:


I made a video clip of my profile

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Super cool. Also I love your wide screen view :slight_smile:

Can you upload / PM me the profile file too ? It should be located in C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles



I tried to copy and paste
did it work?

You should open the XML in an text editor.

You can use three: `
Like so: ```
In front and after whatever you pasted.

Another option is to use the toolbar:

Alternatively you can use https://pastebin.com

Or upload the file somewhere.

Or just email it to I-Novae.