Livestream in Germany

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This may be a redundant question but I could not find anything similar yet. Livestreams are banned on Youtube in Germany. Sometimes I feel like I live in china -.- It’s getting quite ridiculous. So, two questions …

Does anyone know the rationale behind this ? It can’t be the GEMA terrorists since I:B is property of i-novae which has nothing to do with them. And: Can future streams be moved to some proper streaming platform ?

Otherwise I’m looking forward to see this happening and wish you(i-novae) all kinds of luck :slight_smile:

What message do you get when you try to access the live stream?

“Live Streaming is not available in your country due to rights issues.
Sorry about that.”

All Germans get this:

“Live Streaming ist wegen Rechteproblemen in Deutschland leider nicht möglich.”
( Translation see post above, he was faster )

Easy way around:

I tested it with one of the previous Battlescape livestreams and it works.

Edit: And yes, it is GEMA, because you COULD stream music.

A proxy is a solution, but I think it is better to look for alternatives. I’ve never had this happen on twitch.

GEMA probably hasnt heard of Twitch yet…

It was surprising to see them decide on YouTube, but it makes sense as that’s where their main viewership is. Is it not possible for one to stream to YouTube and have another steam to Twitch?

Here’s another proxy solution:

The guy in the video also thinks it’s GEMA.

Makes it even more ridiculous. Schildbürger.

I guess it would be possible to restream the stream, quality loss is guaranteed tho.
But I have 600mbit connection and could sure do that if I so desired(restream on twitch I mean).

What? Banned? Why? This is news to me and, honestly, its in the last country I would have expected to have something like this. Does anyone know that rationale behind this decision?

Well, I do have a theory. But this might not be the place to discuss forms of oppression of freedom of speech. I just wanted to hint at this for future stream considerations. So I retract my first question.


I’ve seen people on YouTube also stream on Twitch for their. German viewers (or simply viewers who prefer Twitch). So it’s certainly possible to do that. Although the guy that was doing that (CaptainShack aka theXPGamers, one of the guys who streamed the prototype) is using a separate computer for capturing and streaming video, so that might have something to do with it.

I recommend for someone to relay the stream onto twitch or for our German friends to use a proxy. I-Novae is too small of a company to be able to cater to everyone and know every drawback of a streaming service.

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How does one restream from youtube to twitch? What’s the best way to do that? I could gladly help with it.

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Open youtube stream on one screen. Capture screen with software. Send it trough twitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

First thought. There are probably better ways. I’m sure there’s a guide on the interwebs somewhere.

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Proxies don’t seem to be fast enough (for me at least). Ohwell, I am sure there will be a summary of interesting things shown/explained :wink:

I think you can re-watch the stream as it’s then posted as a normal video.

r/gaming search for “Infinity Battlescape Developer Livestream” and upvote!

oh they’re playing now, sweet bananas

Someone better make a gif/short video of them going top speed to the mars planet from the station, then breaking off 30km above the surface (I assume the video will be available later).