Linking this account to the Kickstarter account

I supported this on Kickstarter - how do I link it to this account and get access to the beta?


Hi Mathew, Welcome to the I-Novae Forums :smiley:

You’ll need to make sure the email you used on Kickstarter is the same as the one you used to create your account here. If you used another email address, you can add it in your account preferences.

Check out the Beta Weekend thread for all the details, it should answer most questions.

If you still have questions, or run into problems during the process, let us know and we’ll assist as soon as we’re able to. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying.
I’ve linked the accounts but I don’t have access. Now I’m fairly sure this is because the email address that was used to pledge is not the one I’ve linked, unfortunately I don’t have access to that one anymore. However I’ve updated the Kickstarter email to one I’ve linked here - is there anyway this can be validated and pushed through? Its probably a bit of an edge case unfortunately.


This can be solved manually - assuming you still have access to your KS account. Send us a private message from Kickstarter, so that we can validate your identity, and let us know in that message your new e-mail address. Keith will have a look at it, but he’s currently at work so it might take a few hours. Sorry for the wait, but this is indeed an edge case.

Hi Flavien,
Thanks for the prompt response, I’ve sent a private message referencing this post and my email address. I’m looking forward to playing!