Let's talk about forum badges

So that’s why the forums were down a few hours ago, I guess :slight_smile:

There are now “badges” for everyone, or seeing them i’d call them “achievements”.
Are they supposed to be immediately kicked in ? The badge “playing it forward” is granted to me, for instance, but I can’t chose it in the “title” section of my preferences (why not rename “title” as “badge” ?).

By the way, how do “invitations” work ? And is there any “admin” badge, as I see no one under “elder” or “leader” ? So many questions, I know :slight_smile:

EDIT : scrolling through users that have “basic badge” is very slow.

If you follow my twitter I always send out a tweet when the forums are going down for maintenance. The badges are a new feature in the latest Discourse and I think they’re still experimental as I can’t actually change anything about them from the admin dashboard. None of the Admins have the Elder badge due to a bug in the badge system from what I can tell. An invitation is just inviting someone to join the forums. I believe it sends out an email though I’ve never actually tried to send an invitation so I don’t know.

Scrolling through people with the “Basic” badge is quite slow for me as well. Again I think badges are currently experimental.

It seems performant for me on my desktop. I like this Badge system. It’ll mitigate the need to manual wrangle the community, won’t it?

Edit: Wait. You mean the avatar streaming / auto-loading? Yeah. That’s slow, but I guess that’s expectable, right?

Also. Can you point me to the Discourse user help pages?