Latest Patch Information

Ok so I wasn’t quite able to get everything ready for launch by the end of today due to an unexpected issue last Thursday that ended up eating the entire day. The weekly update also isn’t ready because I spent all of today trying to get the patch out so I’ll write it up tomorrow. At this point I think the patch is about ready to rock and roll. There’s 1 touch up item and a little bit more testing that needs to happen before I begin releasing the upgrade but that should hopefully only take a couple of hours

The new patch is going to be rolled out in waves:

  1. We will roll out the website upgrades. I was tempted to start this tonight but it may break the current version of the game until general availability of the new version so… I managed to restrain myself.
  2. We will do a soft launch of the new version of the game with any Developer Access backers that happen to be sitting in our Discord chat at that moment in time
  3. If everything goes smoothly with 1 and 2 then we’ll do another website update that makes the patch generally available to all Developer Access backers through our website

Unfortunately all of this probably won’t happen until Wednesday. On Mondays and Tuesdays I do consulting for my income so that I don’t have to get paid with backer money. I work 10-12 hours each day so I’m largely indisposed. This means that in all likelihood the earliest we can do a general rollout of the patch will be Wednesday.


Thank’s for the update and hard work guys!



Nice effort and much appreciated. I only ask that you don’t get caught up in the weekend release syndrome which often increases delays. Any day the patch is released is a good day for IBS and backers. :relaxed:


thanks for reporting commander Keith, you are free.


Good to hear it’s coming! I have Wednesday off too… So here’s hoping it sticks to then!


So you’re saying being around Discord on Wednesday? I can make that work…


Looking forward to all the new content! As a software dev myself I understand those darned slippery time-tables and inevitable last-minute issues… Keep up the good work!

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Sadly I work Wednesday and Thursday so couldn’t even participate if you guys did this latw at night :sob: